Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Popstar: Elizabeth McLaughlin

Hey people!

I found a short interview with Elizabeth McLaughlin (Massie) and her embarassing momment in a POPSTAR!
I posted it below:

Our Pick? The Clique!

Elizabeth McLaughlin stars in the new movie, the Clique, based on the popular book series about a girl who moves to a new school and has a hard time fitting in with her classmates! She plays Massie, the most popular girl at the prestigious Octavian Country Day School!

"Massie is an interesting charcter. On the outside, to any other person, you see her as this very, very mean, snotty, alpha girl who is in charge of the clique and is kinda like a dictator," Elizabeth says, "but on the inside, you really get to see who she really is."

Elizabeth was never in one specific "clique" at school!

"I was one of the girls who was considered a chameleon, 'cause I was hanging out with the preps and the jocks and, you know, the emos and the theater geeks."

Elizabeth is an actress you may "hear" from again soon!

"I started off as a singer and a dancer well before I even was an actress, so you might hear from me as a triple threat!"

Crystal Clear!

Blush-o-meter: 9/10

"I was at a sleepover one time. My friend had a main house and a guest house, and at first we decided to stay in the main house but then all the girls decided 'Well, let's stay in the guest house.' So we were all moving back and forth with all our sleeping bags and the sliding glass door was open the whole entire time. I went back to the main house to get my pillow and I was the lst one out there so I wanted to run straight back to the main house and I sprinted head first into the sliding glass door and actually ended up getting a pretty serious concussion! I'm a klutz!

- Elizabeth McLaughlin , The Clique

Hope you enjoyed that! It took me soooooooooo long to write it !!!!!


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