Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Samantha Boscarino Interview

Heyy People!

 Last year I did an interview with Samantha Boscarino (who plays alicia in the Clique movie). Some of you probably didn't get to read it. I only gave out several of the interview questions, but found that selfish.
I give Clique information so why not give all of it?

Here it is. I'll also put a link on the right side of my blog so you can read it whenever you want. =)

1. You sung Find My Place for the Clique soundtrack. Do you plan on recording an album in the future?

When I sang Find My Place, I didnt think it would be as successful as it was today. I am working on my music and i hope to have an album, but i dont want anyone to really know yet... because if it doesnt happen, i dont want to disappoint anyone.

2. Did you read PS I Loathe You? If so, do you like the way Alicia acted?

Ive read PS I Loathe You, and its a great novel. Alicia is a very Sassy character, and tends to break Massie's rules. I think she just needed a break from Massie, so she started her own squad.
3. How was it like shooting The Perfect Game?

The Perfect Game was awesome, all the cast members were so nice. It really got me more connected with baseball.
4. Describe Alicia's style in the movie.

Alicia's character in the movie is a very stylish character, and shes very..like.. sassy.
5. What was it like working with the other girls in The Clique?

They were all so different from their characters. Elizabeth is not like Massie at all, she is the complete opposite a total sweetheart, and she has been a Massie and Claire, havent we all? The same thing with the other cast members.
I also liked working with Lisi Harrison, because i read the Clique books before I auditioned for the movie, and Tyra, because i watch Americas Next Top Model sometimes.
6. Have you ever met the Clique models?

Not all of them. Ive met Alicia's model, and Kristen's model.
7. What do you like doing beside acting?

I love dancing. I take Jazz, Hip Hop, and Ballet. I also love to sing.
8. I just heart Alicia's wardrobe. Did her style influence what you wear now?

I loved the leopard print outfit too! That was my favourite one. Her style got me to dress more classy, definately. Before, I was still a fashion-freak, but now it has gone up. Not only Alicia's wardrobe inspired me though. I loved the bohemian styles that Dylan would wear, and Massie would wear things i like, along with Kristen. I even adored some things on Claire.

9. Do you still keep in touch with the Clique cast?

Yeah, we all keep in touch alot. We all have the iChat thing going on. We have alot of email addresses though. I have 2 fan email addresses, one personal hotmail email address, one personal iChat email address, and one personal AOL email address. We even copied the Friday Night Sleepovers.

10. The role you envy and would love to get cast for.
In the clique or outside of the clique? if its inside the clique, at first i auditioned for Massie, but they said "Oh no, I think you would be good as Alicia" and that was fine, because i loved Alicia too, but it wasnt what i auditioned for. If you mean outside of the clique, I really want to be apart of a disney movie, even a show would be great. I was on disney before, alot of times, I did a High School Musical commercial for it.

Ta-da! I hope you Clique crazy fands are happy!

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