Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ohkay... back with TONS of news!!!

Heyyy people!!!

Thanks ah-million to everyone who voted on the exclusive poll!!! Well the votes are in sooooo:

Which cover do you like best for Boys R Us?
-The "Yellow" cover!!..........................48%
-The "Pink" cover!!..............................13%
The "Green" cover!!.............................20%
-I can't pick!!..........................................17%
-None. ......................................................0%

The Yellow cover won!!! Annnd two weeks ago on Lisi's BLAH-G she annouced the Yellow won too!!! I personally chose the Green cover because of the pose the models are taking + I heart the purple pillows in the backround (Massie's room!!!). But i love all of them, i do!!.
REMINDER: The normal poll is going to close in 3 days, so VOTE!!!

And talking about 3 days... Lisi's new BLAH-G tells us that a Clique-tionary is on works!!! Will tell us all Massie's comebacks so far, the clique lingo, layne's obssesed food, all the fights the PC has been in, and MORE!!! Plus if you leave your own original comebacks you've been workin on in the Comments section and Lisi picks U ur name and ur comments will be feature in the Clique-tionary!!! YAY times 10 right???

Ooooooooooohhhhhhh aand i wanted to post Skye's acceptance letter(from the Alphas, and yes I know I'm late)

July 21

Dear Skye Hamilton:
We are pleased to inform you of your acceptance into the inaugural class of ALPHA ACADEMY. Thousands of girls answered the alpha call, but only 100 have been selected. Each girl exemplifies the alpha spirit. Each girl is an alpha in her own way. For her own reasons.

Your illustrious class is filled with hyphenates. We have an environmentalist-poetess, a dancer-model, a Jr. Wimbledon finalist-inventor,a Bollywood film star-cell phone novelist, and dozens of other multi-talents joining the alpha ranks.

But a true alpha is more than her resume. She is more than perfect pitch, a perfect turnout, a perfect ten, or even a perfect IQ score. There is an alpha factor that goes beyond talent, looks, and grades. It goes beyond beyond. You will understand…eventually.

Welcome to ALPHA ACADEMY. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. What happens next is up to you! Orientation begins September 2.
Bring your A-game and your toothbrush. Uniforms will be provided.
Sincerely, Shira Brazille

P.S. Enclosed is an A-pod. Turn it on.

Trust me ... I have NO idea what an A-Pod is!!!Oh and here's a quote of what Lisi thinks The Alphas is like:

"I can nawt tell you how excited I am for this series. It’s like the Clique on a case of Red Bull. I’ll spill more throughout the year (not Red Bull, Alphas gossip.) "


~ A

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BOYS R US Cover choices!

Heyyy people!

Awn my recent post I have told you that Lisi gave us 3 possible choices for the BOYS R US cover. I did not post the pictures because they were too small. However, I have found them in much, much, much bigger (which I was hoping for). I'll post all three and also post an exclusive poll in which you may cast your vote on your favorite. (will last 1 week)

The "yellow" cover (or 1 cover)

The "Pink" cover (or 2 cover)
The "Green" cover (or 3 cover)

SOOOOOOOOO... pick your fave and vote!!!!!! also keep in mind he color and the model's pose.
I think anyone would be ahw-some but like I said vote, vote, vote!!!

~ A

PS: I just wanted to anounce that I've won a clique contest from!!! I really excited and happy =)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bridget Mendler Wizard?

Heyyy people!

I got some upcoming news on Bridget Mendler (who plays Kristen Gregory). She will be playing Justin's new GF on Wizard's of waverly place! I was looking at Selena Gomez's videos on Youtube and Bridget was singing along with her. You can check the video out yourself here or you could click here to see sreencps of the video.

Yeah, I know it's sorta late (well actually really late) but I just thought you guys should know. =)

But in case you're wondering if that's really her real voice ... it isn't. They were just having fun. But if you guys want to hear her really singing try clicking here. It's from her when she was sorta younger in Alice Upside Down. Imdb says she also sings "Free Spirit".


~ A

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Boys" dish and tell!

Heyy people!

So yesterday Lisi posted a BLAH-G pretty much about "Boys R Us". Here's what she said:

"The Clique breaks up in a big way. Alicia starts a new clique that includes crushes and calls it the Mani-Pretty’s. Massie, not one for being outdone or friendless, finds a Clique of her own made up of actresses from New York City. And you will nawt believe who her new beta is. "

I so can NAWT wait!!! Sounds so drama-tic! But come awn! Who will be the new actresses? And I hope the rest of the PC will still be with Massie. And I really don't want Layne to be the new beta. It should be Claire or someone who won't try to de-throne Mass.

Anyways check Lisi's BLAH-G to see all the 3 possible cool choices for "Boys R Us". I know I showed you guys the yellow one but know she annouced there will be a pink and green one too. So check it out and tell me which one's best. I wished that the pics would have been larger for me to show you guys awn this page.

And Again, Go to the bookstore to purchase PS I Loathe You Feb 10 !!! (Sure you could get it out of the library but wouldn't you want to keep the cute stickers included?? ;)


~ Anne

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Anne is Back! LOL


Sorry for the long delaybut i have been on a holiday break. Of course I wanted to post but there's nothing really going awn in the clique world... which brings me to my next point!

Lisi is also back with tons of news : she moved offices and plans to paint her walls in really ah-dorable colors, and a big dish in PS I Loathe YOU. Which I cannawt wait for. Lisi tells us that since it will be released so close to V-day PS I Loathe You will include really HAWT CLIQUE stickers (like clique hearts with super cute clique sayings including her favs:
-Beta Breath
-Hawt x 10
-Opposite of Ew
(and the BLAH-G special
-LBR Lover)
How cool?
And clique here to see the full BLAH-G including page 76 of PS I Loathe You coming straight from her MacBook!!!


~ A

PS: I heart you guys!
PPS: Noticed how i put V-day colors ? Ah-dorable huh?