Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pic Upload!!

Hey people!

I was awn Join the Clique and I found a part that I have never seen before...

I posted the pictures below but you can see the whole text awn

Massie Block played by Elizabeth mcLaughlin(left to right) Ellen Marlow (Claire Lyons), Samantha Boscarino (Alicia Rivera), Brittany H. (Lucky GLU), Sophie Everhard (Dylan Marvil), and Bridget Mendler (Kristen Gregory)

Brittany H. giving interview.

~ A

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Clique Movie prizes!

Hey people!

For those who have signed up in the Clique Movie website, you will be able to go win 2 more prizes! I posted below:


If you’re reading this, you’re a GLU. Ahb-viously.
And every month, the ten GLUs who earn the most points are the next month’s Alphas. Given.
But did you ever wonder what happens at the end of the year when all those points are added up?
The GLU with the most points at the end of the year will receive a phone call from the original Alpha herself, Lisi Harrison!
Truly Alpha worthy? Ah-greed.


We really heart all you GLUs. We do. That’s why we put together THE PRETTY COMMITTEE GIVES BACK prize. It contains:
A copy of The Clique movie on DVDA copy of The Clique bookAnd to make it really special, we added a copy of The Clique script!
But that’s not all.
We wanted it to be AH-MAZING so we asked Lisi Harrison to autograph them all….and she did!
This is the only prize of its kind and at the end of the year one lucky GLU will be selected at random to win this. That’s how much we heart you!


CONGRATULATIONS to DYLANROCKS1, winner of the PS WE HEART YOU prize! Dylanrocks1 is a huge fan of The Clique books (guess which character is her fave?) and her name will appear in the upcoming Clique book, PS I Loathe You which comes out in February!

Yeah, DylanRocks1 ! I envy you times 10 ! lol !
Anyways I plan to win the Pretty Committee Gives Back (and possibly Dial A for Alphas)

Lots of Love,

~ Anne

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NEW BLAH-G update!

Hey people!

Today's BLAH-G update was super short,but Lisi was flying to New York for her Tyra Show with the rest of The Clique Movie Cast. Posted here below:

October 21st, 2008

If you are in the New York area or you have access to a private jet and a ton of gas money have your parents call Danny Verdugo at 646.638.5684 so you can be in the audience while I’m there with the movie cast. Hope to see you this Thursday (10.23)xoxox

Now is it just me or is Lisi copying my "xoxo"s ???!!! jk
I put that part in red because i totally have a private jet and will be willing to bring 3 people with me!! =) kidding!!!!

I totally ENVY all those lucky girls going to see them and possibly meet them... *sigh*

Anyways, I hope you give me updates if you hear any and tell me if this blog isn't cool or whatever...


~ anne

Lisi's BLAH-G updates !

Hey people!

This BLAH-G update was actually posted awn Tuesday (I found out today). This post is about the new Clique (1 book) movie version (coming out October 31). Here is the post:

The Early Blah-G Catches The Worm

October 21st, 2008

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. But I am blah-gging today because tomorrow I will be flying to NYC and I can’t leave you guys hanging. Not after all of those nice things you said about my Nightline segment. I seriously love you. You’re so supportive of me and each other. I wish we could have one massive sleepover, like on a football field, and eat Pinkberry (my new obsession.) How ah-mazing would that be???Why am I going to NYC? Glad you asked. I will be meeting up with Tyra Banks and the cast of the Clique to do press for the movie and to go on Tyra’s show. I know, can you believe? I will also be speaking at Teen Vogue’s Fashion University on Saturday with Mandi Line, the movies ah-mazing costume designer. Then next week I will be meeting with my editor to discuss the next Clique books. What to pack???The bad news is I will be flying back to Laguna Beach next Wednesday so there will not be a blah-g that day. But I will take a ton of pictures and I will have mounds of gossip and I will post it all either Thursday or Friday.

Just to get you pumped…here is a sneak peek at the special movie edition of The Clique book. It’s incredible. It had 16 pages of photos from the movie. Here are two of my faves.
And it has the first chapter of PS I Loathe you inside.

I know my photos suck but I took them with the camera on my Mac so everything is opposite and they look like you’re seeing them through dirty sunglasses. But hey, I’m a writer not a graphic designer.
Today’s shout out goes to Elaina because she said her keyboard smelled like noodles and that cracked me up.
TTYSTATEONW (talk to you some time at the end of next week)I heart you!!!! Lisi

Anyways, I really liked this one and you can see the original version awn her BLAH-G site. Here are some pictures:
Picture of Cover.

Inside sneek-peak(1 of Lisi's faves). Guessing (99.9 % sure) that this picture was taken from the scene Claire gets busted by Massie for trying to take a pic of Alicia's house.

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddd, there's also a pic of the first page(well half of it) of the PS I LOATHE YOU awn the site but since it's backwords I didn't bother posting it. I actually took my mirror and read it.

When Lisi said there would be alot of pigeon poo, she wasn't kidding. Like, the whole entire first paragraph was about that.


~ A

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick update


I was just wondering if I should put another pic up (awn the right) ? Which one? Should i put the whole cast up? The PC only? A behind the scenes pic? what? Well, it has to relate to the Clique! If you have other great updates, feel free to post them up in "comments". I read all of them.

~ A

The Clique movie

Hey people!

So since the Clique movie is coming out awn DVD soon, and I'm sure we've all been dying for this momment, I wanted to make a speacial post about it! =)


- this is based awn The Clique books number 1

- it is rumored to only film the 3 first books

- Massie Block is played by Elizabeth McLaughlin

- Dylan Marvil is played by Sophie Everhard

- Alicia Revera is played by Samantha Boscarino

- Kristen Gregory is played by Bridget Mendler

- Claire Lyons is played by Ellen Marlow

- You can see the trailer awn Ew-tube (as Lisi calls it)

- filmed at a university in Rhode Island. For an article about it go awn

Important Facts 2 (that weren't mantioned in book)

- Massie has an indoor pool

- Massie Mani-quin is situated in a white wardrobe

- Massie jumps out of a birthday cake

- There is a birthday going awn (I forgot whose it is)

- The OCD busses are red

About DVD:

-Coming out November 18, 2008 (You can check countdown on right)

- features :

- The search for the Real-life Pretty Committee
- Ehmagawd! We're rolling!
- The Clique Movie: Tween Couture
- The Clique Movie Casting Contest Winners
- Gag Reel
- Clique Girlz in the Studio

Now how aw-some is that??!!

You better be prepared for... The Clique Movie DVD!!
tell me if i should do more updates like this awn upcoming things to celebrate!!


~ A

O M G !

Hey people!

I found out that YOU could totally see a Lisi Harrison interview hosted by Tyra Banks!!!! How aw-some is that??!! I posted the Clique movie post about it below:

Posted on 2008-10-21

Hey GLUs, An ah-mazing opportunity has come up for Clique fans in New York City...Tyra Banks is interviewing Lisi Harrison and the cast of The Clique and you're invited!If you are a fan of The Clique and especially if you are in a clique, Tyra Banks wants YOU to be part of the studio audience. The show is filming this Thursday, October 23 in New York City.

If you are between the ages of 12 and 17 and in New York City and want to be part of the studio audience, have your parents call 646-638-5671 or 646-638-5672. The show films in the middle of the day and your parents must call to reserve a space and get the deets ahead of time.

Hope to see you there!

Yeah, I mean who would want to miss an opportunity like this one?! Nawt me!!!
Tell me what you think...


~ A

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New month prize!

Hey people!

Ok, so you know how you get a prize every month at the Clique Movie site ?

Last month was Clique movie leather bracelets , this month's is


Dontcha want to have bee-you-tiful lips ???!!!
Hello? Glossip Girl?

Think about it!

~ Anne

ellen Marlow comercial

Hey people!

i was looking up stuff on internet and found a cute add with Ellen Marlow in it (Claire lyons). It's on Ew-tube so you can see it awn

oh, and I also added a Clique movie countdown (on right) so you can keep track of the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the Clique movie!!! =)


~ A

Clique team is looking for...

Hey people!

The Clique team has annouced another winner for the PS I Loathe you prize! i posted their post below:

We are looking for YOU!Posted on 2008-10-16
Hey Glus,
There is a member named DYLANROCKS1.
Do you know her? We’re trying to find her. Want to know why?
We drew her name at random from all the eligible GLUs and now we need to hear back from her. So if you’re dylanrocks1, check your email. If you know dylanrocks1, tell her to check her email.
We have to hear from her by Noon (PDT) on Monday, October 20, 2008.
Dylanrocks1, we want to get hold of you so much, we are sending you two emails! One is coming from our partners at ePrize, and the other is coming from TheCliqueMovie – they’re the same email, and both have this subject line: EHMAGAWD! Your name could be in the next Clique Book! So check your inbox and check your spam folder and if you’re our lucky winner, let us know! You can also reach us using the “contact us” button at the top of this screen. We can’t wait to hear from you!
Thanks for your help. We heart you!- The Clique Team

So check your e-mails!!! I mean who would want to miss an opportunity like this??!!



poll results!

Hey people!

SO... the winner of this poll for fav Clique couple ...

Claire and Cam!!!!!


Massie and Derrington : 23 %

Alicia and Josh : 18%

Claire and Cam : 57%

Remember that all polls last 2 weeks so vote, vote, and vote!



Friday, October 17, 2008

All you need to know about: THE ALPHAS

Hey people!

So I bought the BOX SET yesterday and I ah-dore the mocha latte lipgloss!!! =)
So I saw awn the back of the Kristen book an advertisment awn THE ALPHAS!!!
Here's what it said:

The losers are tormented.

They're sent home.

Skye Hammilton is heading to the ultre-exclusive Aphas-only boarding school where beta is spelled LBR.

What happens when the country's best, brightest, and hawtest begin clawing and scratching their way to the top?

Fing out in
A new series created by Lisi Harrison

Coming out September 2009

So does that answer your questions like "Is Skye going to a dance school?" but that would have been possible, since she IS a dancer.

SO, i guess i'll just have to wait till September '09.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lisi's BLAH-G update!

Hey people!

Sorry I haven't been updating recently but I have been busy ( 9 hours of dance, come awn!) and there hasn't been much to update about. Here is Lisi's update below:

Nightline Online
October 15th, 2008
Remember that Nightline interview I have been yapping about forever??? Well, it finally aired last night. Of course I found out about an hour before it aired so I barely had time to make popcorn let alone send out a smoke signal. Also (and here’s the honest to goodness true part) I wanted to see it before I told you about it. I mean, what if they made me out to be a freak or something? Or what if I had a seed in my tooth or sweat stains or eye-boogers? I had to pre-screen. Forgive me. But come awn who doesn’t delete the bad pics of themselves on their digital camera before handing it over to someone? ADMIT IT! So now that I have seen it, feel free to check it out. It’s on their website… Big shout out to MeLovesMasie. Not only do ILovesYourScreenName but I had to laugh when you asked if I was dead. I mean seriously! I must remind you and all other ah-dorably impatient girls like you that:

I am on the west coast. The sun is still out here. It’s 5:22 pm. I should not be written of as dead until at least midnight.

I have a JOB! I just got my PSILY manuscript back and I am editing.

I am in major need of a manicure but I blew it off so I could get you this blah-g. Now if that’s not love and dedication I don’t know what is.


i saw the video: SO AW-SOME! Look At it awn

Cool, right? Can't wait till PS I Loathe You, right? Can't wait till the movie comes out, right? And waiting is the hardest part, right?


~ Anne

Monday, October 13, 2008

PS I loathe you prize!

Hey people!

So, Ehmagawd! This is the 3 winner they hade to draw because none of them were checking their e-mails!!! So puh-lease check them if that's you! I posted the new winner below!

Hey GLUs!

The Ah-Mazing P.S. WE HEART YOU prize could still be yours! We drew a new name at random from all the eligible GLUs and that name is…


GLUs, do you know her? Have you seen her around the boards? If so, let her know we are looking for her!

We have to hear from her by Noon (PDT) this Wednesday, October 15, 2008.

As you know, the winner of this prize will be able to put her name (or the name of her choice) in the next Clique book, P.S. I LOATHE YOU but time is running out because the book has to go to print!

As before, all email are being sent from our partners at ePrize with this subject line EHMAGAWD! Your name could be in the next Clique Book! so check your inbox and check your Spam folder and
if you’re our lucky winner, let us know!

Thanks for your help. We heart you!
- The Clique Team

So good luck!


PS : I have a piczo site now but I'm still working awn it... =)

Friday, October 10, 2008

New PS I Loathe You winner!

hey people!

The PC has chosen another PS I Loathe You winner. Her name is marina13 ! Check your inbox girl! I posted their post below.

Posted on 2008-10-10
Hey GLUs!

We’re still trying to award the AH-MAZING P.S. WE HEART YOU prize! The winner will be able to put her name (or the name of her choice) in the next Clique book, P.S. I LOATHE YOU!

We have drawn a new name at random from all the eligible GLUs on the site and the new winner is…


GLUs, do you know her? Have you seen her around the boards? If so, let her know we are looking for her!

If we don’t hear back from her by Noon (PDT) on Monday, October 13, we will have to pick another winner so puh-lease help us!

As before, all email are being sent from our partners at ePrize with this subject line Congratulations - You are a winner in the Clique Online Community Promotion! so check your inbox and check your Spam folder and if you’re our lucky winner, let us know!

Thanks for your help. We heart you!
- The Clique Team



Thursday, October 9, 2008

PS I loathe you winner annouced!

Hey people!

The Ps I loathe you prize winner ( was awn the clique movie official site) was annouced! Her username is forbrittany727. Puh-lease, she needs to check her e-mail or she just enetered for nuh-thing and another winner will be annouced !!! ; (
I posted the Clique movie site post below:

Posted on 2008-10-09

Hey GLUs!

You know about the AH-MAZING P.S. WE LOVE YOU prize, right? One winner, drawn randomly from all the GLUs on this site will get her name (or the name of her choice) in the next Clique book, P.S. I LOATHE YOU!

Well, we’ve drawn the name of the winner and we’ve been trying to get in touch with her – we’ve sent email after email – but she hasn’t responded!


We are dying to award this prize! We can’t wait to have a winner and to announce what name she wants Lisi to use in PSILY….but we have to get in touch with the winner first!


The winner is forbrittany727. Do you know her? Have you seen her around the boards? If so, let her know we are looking for her! If we don’t hear back from forbrittany727 by 5 pm (PDT) on October 10, our lawyers tell us we have to pick another winner so puh-lease help us!

The emails have been sent from our partners at ePrize from this email address: with this subject line Congratulations - You are a winner in the Clique Online Community Promotion! so check your inbox and check your Spam folder and if you’re our lucky winner, let us know!

Thanks for your help. We heart you!
- The Clique Team

So Puh- lease try to answer your e-mails forbrittany727 !!!



PS: I have aw-somely upgrated more pics awn my flickr site!! Check it out awn

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sophie Anna Everhard interview!

Hey people!

Okay so I found this really neat site called the Clique Academy. They actually had an interview with Sophie Anna Everhard , who plays the outgoing Dylan Marvil in the Clique movie. To see this ah-mazing and exclusive interview go awn

So aw-some! They also said they have more to the interview but they had some technical difficulties, so wait and see!



Lisi's BLAH-G update!

Hey people!

Today Lisi updated her BLAH-G. She called it the worst ever because she had nothing speacial to say. I posted her BLAh-g below but you could always check it awn Lisi's blah-g site.

October 8th, 2008

As you know I finished PS I Loathe You. That means I have this week off while my editor edits it and then I get it back next week to revise. When I’m in the thick of writing I always imagine spending this”off week” at the beach. Or strolling through a museum eating Pinkberry (In this particular fantasy I’m allowed to eat in a museum). Or lunching with friends. Or reading something incredibly inspiring. Or developing a new novel. Or….it goes on and on. But what really happens is I spend this week running around like a frantic maniac catching up on all the mail and bills that have been piling up on my desk.

Returning three-week old calls. Buying belated birthday presents. Getting my unibrow waxed. Yesterday I went to the the doctor and I wrote a speech for my friend who is the best man at his brother’s wedding this weekend. Today, after my TWO HOUR dentist appointment I raced around Laguna doing errands… and then it hit me. IT’S WEDNESDAY. It’s BLAh-G DAY!!!! I totally spaced because I wasn’t in my usual writing routine. So I raced to my office, fired up the ol’ laptop and stared at the blinking cursor. And stared. And stared. And…After ten minutes of staring (and 8 pieces of gum, which my dentist lectured me on) I realized I’ve got NUTHIN’. That’s right. NUTHIN’. There I was so eager to catch up that I fell behind. (MAJOR EXAMPLE OF IRONY FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO CARE) And that’s why this is the worst Blah-G ever. I am so sorry but please try to understand. I need to regenerate. I will have something better for you next week, I promise. Oh, and a big shout out to SUMMER STAFF. Not only do I ah-dore that name but she wrote a very detailed and thoughtful comment about how the Clique books got her to enjoy reading. And she gave a billion examples. Thanks Summer for taking the time to write that. And thanks to all of you for your great comments. I read them all. And I love them all. Even the one from the girl who is mad that I gave myself a shout-out last week. :) TTYW,Lisi

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Become an affiliate!

Hey people!

If you have a cool website or blog and you would like to become an affiliate just leave a comment under THIS post and have the following information:

1. Your site's name

2. Your site's URL

These rules apply if you want your site to become an affiliate:

1. Your site must have some link to the Clique ( books, actresses, movie, etc...)

2. Your site must be in good quality

3. Your site must be easy to navigate

Join up !


Pics added!

Hey people!

I've pposted pics below. You can also see all of them (and many more) awn my flickr site

Ellen Marlow ( Claire ) awn the set of Cory in the House

Ellen Marlow awn the set of Cory in the House.

Remember that cool site I talked about? Well here are more pics from it.

This one is Vanessa Marano (Layne) in the backround you can see the school bus. I personnally think it looks like a brittish bus all red like that. It pretty cool (compared to yellow).

This is Ellen Marlow recycling.

And Dylan Minette ( Todd).

And of course David Chisum ( William Block ).



Ellen Marlow in Cold case.

Hey people!

I was just looking at Ellen Marlow's official site and found out that Ellen ( who plays Claire Lyons in the Clique movie ) is going to star in Cold Case awn CBS November 9 at 9 pm. The new episode is called " One Small Step".



Poll results!

Hey people!

I would like to thank each and everyone of you guys for voting!!!
Our PC girl who was voted to get kicked out was Dylan ! ! !

Anyways here were the results:

Massie : 10 %

Alicia : 27 %

Dylan : 41 %

Kristen : 13 %

Claire : 34 %

Thanks for voting!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lisi's BLAH-G update !!!

Hey people!

Lisi updated her BLAH-G today. It IS so ah-mazing. You can read it below or awn her official blog site.

October 1st, 2008

That’s right, I have some very hot dates for you.

HOT DATE #1: The Most Fashionable Clique Contest at ends October 19th. Upload a picture of you and your clique (limit 3 girls to a picture). The grand prize winner gets a trip to the next Clique movie set. OMG!

HOT DATE #2: Pucker up ladies. The Summer Collection box set, lip glosses and all, will leave the warehouse October 15th so start looking for it in stores at the end of the month. I still can’t reveal the lip gloss flavors because I want something to be a surprise but I will tell you that they come in this ah-dorable makeup case.

Don’t my lips look luscious??? I’m wearing one of the glosses in the photo.

HOT DATE #3- October 31st. Puh-lease, do you seriously think I’m going to talk about Halloween here? Come awn. Today is the day the original Clique book is rereleased. It will have the actresses from the movie on the cover. Sixteen color photos from the DVD. Autographs from the stars. Annnnnnd the first chapter of P.S. I Loathe You. Mail yours to me with a self addressed stamped envelope (the address is on my site) and I’ll sign it for you. Score!

HOT DATE #4 - November 17th. This is a hot date because it’s the day BEFORE the Clique DVD. Make sure you have plenty of popcorn, clean PJs, sleeping bags, and BFFs at the ready.

HOT DATE#5- November 18th. THE CLIQUE DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and today’s shout out goes to ME because I finished PS I Loathe You. YAY!



PS : Don't forget to check out my flickr site ( posted awn the right) for all the CLIQUE pictures!