Thursday, October 2, 2008

Become an affiliate!

Hey people!

If you have a cool website or blog and you would like to become an affiliate just leave a comment under THIS post and have the following information:

1. Your site's name

2. Your site's URL

These rules apply if you want your site to become an affiliate:

1. Your site must have some link to the Clique ( books, actresses, movie, etc...)

2. Your site must be in good quality

3. Your site must be easy to navigate

Join up !



Kristen said... . It is a great website where you can view blogs, pics, music, news and more! I roleplay Kristen on the site.

anne's clique updates said...

Cool! I'm definetly thinking of having you as an affiliate! If I do You will see your site under "Affiliates" wich will be under "Clique links". Thanks!

~ Anne