Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Clique movie

Hey people!

So since the Clique movie is coming out awn DVD soon, and I'm sure we've all been dying for this momment, I wanted to make a speacial post about it! =)


- this is based awn The Clique books number 1

- it is rumored to only film the 3 first books

- Massie Block is played by Elizabeth McLaughlin

- Dylan Marvil is played by Sophie Everhard

- Alicia Revera is played by Samantha Boscarino

- Kristen Gregory is played by Bridget Mendler

- Claire Lyons is played by Ellen Marlow

- You can see the trailer awn Ew-tube (as Lisi calls it)

- filmed at a university in Rhode Island. For an article about it go awn

Important Facts 2 (that weren't mantioned in book)

- Massie has an indoor pool

- Massie Mani-quin is situated in a white wardrobe

- Massie jumps out of a birthday cake

- There is a birthday going awn (I forgot whose it is)

- The OCD busses are red

About DVD:

-Coming out November 18, 2008 (You can check countdown on right)

- features :

- The search for the Real-life Pretty Committee
- Ehmagawd! We're rolling!
- The Clique Movie: Tween Couture
- The Clique Movie Casting Contest Winners
- Gag Reel
- Clique Girlz in the Studio

Now how aw-some is that??!!

You better be prepared for... The Clique Movie DVD!!
tell me if i should do more updates like this awn upcoming things to celebrate!!


~ A

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