Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lisi's BLAH-G updates !

Hey people!

This BLAH-G update was actually posted awn Tuesday (I found out today). This post is about the new Clique (1 book) movie version (coming out October 31). Here is the post:

The Early Blah-G Catches The Worm

October 21st, 2008

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. But I am blah-gging today because tomorrow I will be flying to NYC and I can’t leave you guys hanging. Not after all of those nice things you said about my Nightline segment. I seriously love you. You’re so supportive of me and each other. I wish we could have one massive sleepover, like on a football field, and eat Pinkberry (my new obsession.) How ah-mazing would that be???Why am I going to NYC? Glad you asked. I will be meeting up with Tyra Banks and the cast of the Clique to do press for the movie and to go on Tyra’s show. I know, can you believe? I will also be speaking at Teen Vogue’s Fashion University on Saturday with Mandi Line, the movies ah-mazing costume designer. Then next week I will be meeting with my editor to discuss the next Clique books. What to pack???The bad news is I will be flying back to Laguna Beach next Wednesday so there will not be a blah-g that day. But I will take a ton of pictures and I will have mounds of gossip and I will post it all either Thursday or Friday.

Just to get you pumped…here is a sneak peek at the special movie edition of The Clique book. It’s incredible. It had 16 pages of photos from the movie. Here are two of my faves.
And it has the first chapter of PS I Loathe you inside.

I know my photos suck but I took them with the camera on my Mac so everything is opposite and they look like you’re seeing them through dirty sunglasses. But hey, I’m a writer not a graphic designer.
Today’s shout out goes to Elaina because she said her keyboard smelled like noodles and that cracked me up.
TTYSTATEONW (talk to you some time at the end of next week)I heart you!!!! Lisi

Anyways, I really liked this one and you can see the original version awn her BLAH-G site. Here are some pictures:
Picture of Cover.

Inside sneek-peak(1 of Lisi's faves). Guessing (99.9 % sure) that this picture was taken from the scene Claire gets busted by Massie for trying to take a pic of Alicia's house.

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddd, there's also a pic of the first page(well half of it) of the PS I LOATHE YOU awn the site but since it's backwords I didn't bother posting it. I actually took my mirror and read it.

When Lisi said there would be alot of pigeon poo, she wasn't kidding. Like, the whole entire first paragraph was about that.


~ A

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