Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Plastic Surgery??? I don't think so...

Hey people!

Lisi has a new face but no it's not plastic surgery.... it's FACEBOOK!!! Yay! So for all of those other amateur sites they're f-a-k-e. The only one she has is this one:
And it's cute as Bean. =)

Soooo anyways here are the 3 major questions she's been asked about Ps: I loathe You (WARNING!!! May contain Spoilers!!!!)

LISI’S ANSWER: Because reading about people who are happily in love and stay happily in love is no fun. Admit it. What if the back of the book said something like; Claire and Cam are back together and things couldn’t be going better for them. One night, they have an amazing phone conversation where Cam tells Claire he will never break up with her. Claire says she won’t break up with him either. The Pretty Committee names them B.C.E. (best couple ever) and they all eat sours for two days straight and no one gets any cavities. SUH-NOOZER! There’s no drama there. And I wanted Claire and Cam to be happy together for an entire book so I put the focus on some of the other girls. But don’t worry. Claire is a major part of Boys R Us. Pinky Swear.
ISSUE #2: Why aren’t Massie and Derrington together?

LISI’S ANSWER: Beee-cause, he and Dylan are perfect for each other. Can’t you see that??? He was too goofy for Massie. And frankly, her heart wasn’t in it. He was a trendy accessory. He was her hairband. And look around people. No one is wearing hairbands anymore. I promise she’ll find a real boyfriend in Boys R Us. And this one will be right for her. So please, try to be happy for Dylan. If you remember, she did like Derrington first.

LISI’S ANSWER: Hate the game not the player. And the name of this game is drama. You can’t write 15 books without shaking things up a little. Well, maybe you can but I can’t. But hey, if I can break them up I can make them up. Right? And I just might if you’re nice to me. I do, however, promise you this. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. So tighten up your bra straps and hold on. :)

That clears up ah-lot! Thanks Lisi! Air kiss! (no homo) lol

Here's a site that just started out... They pur effort into this. Tell me what you think. Yay or Nay? Click here.

And here's what she had to say about the book coming out after Boys R Us:
"It will come after Boys R Us. It’s called TBAMFS."
Are you a secret spy agent? Then try to crack that one!
It's really tough...

Oh and yesterday I posted a new post and two polls; one's limited the other is the regular.... (10 ppl already voted and this is the second day!!!yay! u guys rock!)
and the poll results for the last one was:

Most thought that Dial L for Loser was going to be a really good movie.

And in the last post i put details for the trivia quesiton of the week...


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long time no blog...

Hey People!

I know that it's been very loooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnng since I've posted but I have really BIG exams coming up and my mom's making me study 100%. I hope this finally pays off...

Anyways, Lisi has announced the comeback contest winner and it's Beth! Look under my clique links and go to Lisi's site for the details. If you think somebody else should have one let me know.

Oh and here's a picture my friend Isabella made (if you have any Clique artwork send it to me by e-mail and I'll let you know if I'll post it) and I think It's cute times 10! Check it out...

Sooo what do you think???

And guess what??? I made this new thing up: each week I'll give out a Clique book or movie question (either in the blog or on the right) and iof you know the answer e-mail me!!! (no comment answers count!!!) And the following week I'll anounce the winner!!!

Soo rumor has it that they'll be shooting the Clique movie this year... I don't know when but soon. Also, if you enter your Clique DVD inside your computer it gives you extras... and so it spills that a Clique Nitendo DS game will come out this fall (and the pretty committee will be able to use cell phones). Soooo yay!



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heyy People!

Back with TONs of news! Ohkay first up we have a new affiliate It's a really cute site so check it out! (They're currently looking for a Kristen, Dylan and Claire so if you think it has what it takes sign up!)

Anyways Borders has like mucho stuff up for the release of PS I Loathe You!
- Click here to read about Lisi's embarassing momments.
- Click here to read some of Massie's Clique comebacks.
- Click here to find out what was hot then and now.
- Click here to meet the Clique.

Anyways, reminder: Lisi will announce the 18 who won the comeback contest. YAY!

Last week's BLAH-G dished that the Clique Prequel will be released Fall 2009. It's called.................................................... *drum roll*


Here's a bit from her BLAH-G to get you thinking:

"-What brought them all together?
-Who were they friends with before?
-Was Massie an alpha? (Oh noh she wazn’t!)
-What started Dylan’s obsession with weight?
-Did Alicia always have alpha-envy?
-What made Kristen lie about being poor?
-How does Claire fit into all of this? Is it even possible? Doesn’t she live in Orlando?
-Does Massie’s charm bracelet have major significance or is the title completely arbitrary?? "



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poll Results!!!

Heyyyyy people!!!

Oh-kay so the question of the last poll was:

What are you most anticipating for the upcoming book, PS I Loathe You?
- cute cover!......................................... 23 %
- the ah-mazing plot!.......................... 63%
- the ah-mazing stickers!................... 10%
- It's only a book! ............................... 2 %

SOOOO most of you (47 people voted!!!) are just dying to read the ah-some story!!!
OH and the next poll is too long to post on the side so it will be on this post. Leave your vote inthe comment section or send me an e-mail (

The next movie would be aw-some if it was based on..

-Best Friends For Never
-Revenge of the Wannabes
- Invasion of the Boy Snatchers
- The Pretty Committee Strikes Back
- Dial L for Loser
- It's Not Easy Being Mean
- Sealed with a Diss
- Bratfest at Tiffany's
- Massie (S.C.)
- Dylan (S.C.)
- Alicia (S.C.)
- Kristen (S.C.)
- Claire (S.C.)
- PS I Loathe You (once you've read it)
- Boys R US (Once it comes out)
- The Clique Prequel (Once it comes out)

Yup. Just leave a comment with your vote. It's that Easy.


~ A

Monday, February 2, 2009

PS: I heart you guys!!!

Heyyyyyyyy people!!!

I would want to give a speacial thanks to the people that look at my blog whenever i post. I really appreciate. I actually don't know how people started looking at my blog. Haha. Welllll

I wanted to say that PS I Loathe You is coming out SOON!!! (Like in 8 days!!!)
I updated PS deets a few blogs back so be sure to check them out. Click here to read the 2 first chapters of PSILY. (Featured at the back of the speacial editon of The Clique book)

Oh and here's Massie's C.S.U. (Current State of the Union)

Check her entry here.

And the Clique comes with more!!! CLick here to win a Clique movie poster!!

"This isn't just any's a special editon Clique movie poster signed by The Clique movie cast and author Lisi Harrison. It's also professionally mounted on thick foamcore, so it's ready to hang in your favorite room. Enter for a chance to win this exclusive!"


PLUS Elizabeth McLaughlin posts a new vid!!! At least that's what my content notificator said. Hummmmm... Welll anyways, I thought this vid. was already posted, but I guess I'm wrong. Anyways, Click here to see it!!

These are some of the pics Elizabeth Uploaded. Thanks times 10. I'm so grateful she did uploaded them because no other of the cast members uploaded pics from the trip to the Tyra Show or from their trip to New York. Except for Sophie. She uploaded a pic of herself while she was there.