Monday, February 2, 2009

PS: I heart you guys!!!

Heyyyyyyyy people!!!

I would want to give a speacial thanks to the people that look at my blog whenever i post. I really appreciate. I actually don't know how people started looking at my blog. Haha. Welllll

I wanted to say that PS I Loathe You is coming out SOON!!! (Like in 8 days!!!)
I updated PS deets a few blogs back so be sure to check them out. Click here to read the 2 first chapters of PSILY. (Featured at the back of the speacial editon of The Clique book)

Oh and here's Massie's C.S.U. (Current State of the Union)

Check her entry here.

And the Clique comes with more!!! CLick here to win a Clique movie poster!!

"This isn't just any's a special editon Clique movie poster signed by The Clique movie cast and author Lisi Harrison. It's also professionally mounted on thick foamcore, so it's ready to hang in your favorite room. Enter for a chance to win this exclusive!"


PLUS Elizabeth McLaughlin posts a new vid!!! At least that's what my content notificator said. Hummmmm... Welll anyways, I thought this vid. was already posted, but I guess I'm wrong. Anyways, Click here to see it!!

These are some of the pics Elizabeth Uploaded. Thanks times 10. I'm so grateful she did uploaded them because no other of the cast members uploaded pics from the trip to the Tyra Show or from their trip to New York. Except for Sophie. She uploaded a pic of herself while she was there.


kaykay1414 said...

its soooooooo cool that u know all this stuff!!! are you one of the girls in the movie or friends of one or what???
I wish they would keep the movie like the book! :)!!!
Thanks again!!!

anne's clique updates said...

Heyyyy !!!

Well I mean I would totally HEART to be in the clique movie, unfortuntly i'm not. =(
And like well I guess I am SO clique obssesed that I can update all of these things. And well Sophie HAS written to me, but like I don't know her personally.



PSILY (in the way i love instead of loathe)

Taylor said...

Ehmagosh! That is so cool! Where did you get the pictures?