Monday, April 27, 2009


Heyy people!

Sooo anyways, last week Lisi updated about having a Clique DS game. Appearently several sites have talked about this but refering it with different names: Teen Queen and Diss & Make Up.
Lisi mentioned in her post that it was called Diss and Make up. I guess that's its real name.

"Your task is to arrive as a new student in high school in New York City, making friends and increasing your popularity in an effort to join the ultimate clique, the Pretty Committee.You can, of course, increase your social standing by playing a variety of mini-games to earn money for the latest clothing and accessories. There will also be challenges and tricky situations galore as you interact with the various stereotypical characters aka the gorgeous one, the one who thinks she needs to lose weight, the super smart one etc."
That's massie and her BBQ comeback.

Annnd I was looking up Lisi Harrison awn Little Brown and Company website and I found this:
"Poppy climbs to the top with Alphas created by Lisi Harrison, first in a Clique spin-off series set at Alpha Academy; Silent Night, Holy Fight by Lisi Harrison, a Clique novella that finds the Pretty Committee partying over the holidays"
How awesome is that? Not only will the CLique-tionary come out but, The Alphas, Boys R Us, These Boots Are Made For Stalking, Charmed and Dangerous: The rise of the Pretty Committee, and now a novella called Silent Night, Holy fight!!! Lisi sure is working hard. =)

Here's the second interview from Samantha Boscarino; I pinky promised remember?

2. Did you read PS I Loathe You? If so, do you like the way Alicia acted?
Ive read PS I Loathe You, and its a great novel. Alicia is a very Sassy character, and tends to break Massie's rules. I think she just needed a break from Massie, so she started her own squad.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heyy people!

Sorry for posting soo late but I couldn't anyways. Last time I posted I said I would post the interview with Samantha Boscarino. I changed my idea: I'll post one question evry time I post. Soo I would much appreciate it that if you post these questions anywhere else you would give me credit.

1. You sung Find My Place for the Clique soundtrack. Do you plan on recording an album in the future? (btw, your voice is ah-mazing times 10)
When I sang Find My Place, I didnt think it would be as successful as it was today. I am working on my music and i hope to have an album, but i dont want anyone to really know yet... because if it doesnt happen, i dont want to disappoint anyone.

Anyways, Thanks again to Sam who's amzing and awesome for answering my questions. =)



Wednesday, April 15, 2009



If you answer the following trivia quesiton awn the Clique correctly you might get sent Samantha Boscarino's Xclusive interview to your e-mail one day before I post it. I will post it Sunday so please E-MAIL me to with your answer and you might win. (lol. this idea is ridiculous but ill go with it)
If I had to describe Sam in one word I would sayyyy:
super nice! (put that into one word) =)

What does Alicia say in PS I Loathe You when Josh hands her his sweater so her blouse won't get wet when the PC goes to the amusement park?

Most of you think you are most like:
Massie..................................... 30%
Claire....................................... 13%
Dylan....................................... 8%
Alicia........................................ 26%
Kristen..................................... 17%
Layne....................................... 1%
Olivia........................................ 3%

Thank you times 10 to all the 199 people who voted. Next time lets aim for 200 ;)



PS: I changed heading pic to Alicia for a change. It will probably stay like that for a couple of months. After Alicia it'll be Dylan. I pinky promise I'll alternate. Because we all have our Clique favorite. ;)

Alpha Girl


Other real quick update here's another video in which Bridget Mendler is in. This time with Selena Gomez. Check it out here.
And Lisi posted on her Blah-g!!! Here's a page from The Alphas:

Westchester, NY
Body Alive Dance Studio
Thursday, July 22nd
11:37 a.m.

There were five Skye Hamiltons in the Body Alive Dance Studio. One on each mirrored wall and one in the flesh. As in-the-flesh Skye step-turn-step-plié-step-fan-step-ball-changed, the reflections followed. So did the nine other girls in Atelier No. 1. Or at least they tried.
A trickle of sweat slithered from the base of Skye’s tightly bunned blond waves down the back of her pale blue leo. She drew her shoulder blades back (even more), trying to pinch the salty snake, not because she was embarrassed, but because she could. Her body always did what it was told. All she had to do crank up the music and ask.
“And one . . . twooo . . . thu-hree . . . fourrrr . . . five . . . six . . . seh-vuuuun . . . eight.” Madame Prokofiev slow-clapped to the jazzy ooze of Michael Bublé’s “Fever” while scanning her students for TICS (Timing, Incongruity, Carelessness, and Smiles). As always, her scrutinizing brown eyes whizzed past Skye like two bullets aimed at someone else.
“Too wristy, Becca!” She clapped. “Less chin, Reese.” Clap. “Rollllllll the knee, Wendi. Don’t poke.” Clap. Clap. “And I swear on my tendons, Heidi, if you don’t fix that posture, I’m going to use you as a throw pillow!”
Chignoned and clad in a no-nonsense black cami with matching flare dance pants, the aging brunette looked like a prima ballerina laced up tighter than a pair of toe shoes. Yet she moved like honey and stung like a bee.
Skye loved her.
Charged by Madame P’s silent approval, Skye added a turn before the freeze, then came out of it with hands in prayer pose, or rather, a Bollywood Namaste Flower. The routine hadn’t called for it—her instincts had. She’d downloaded the MIA track from Slumdog, and like some people got songs stuck in their heads, Skye had this one stuck in her body.
“Enough.” Madame P clapped sharply, the frown lines in her passion-wrinkled forehead bunched like loose leg warmers. Had she gone too far with her flower?
All nine dancers stop-panted. But Skye’s heart kept hitch-kicking against her rib cage. Finally, she crossed her arms over her B-minus cups and ordered it to take five.
She lined up with her dance BFFs Missy Cambridge, Becca Brie, Leslie Lynn Rubin, and Heidi Sprout. Like Skye, her besties were blond—two in braids, two with ponies—and wore identical pink balloon skirts over gray leotards and tights (BADS Anna Pavlova Collection). Skye had added her signature sleeves; today’s were black mesh with five mini sterling silver locker keys dangling from the holes—one for each of her friends. Every time she moved they jingled, adding a little extra something to the otherwise humdrum musical score.
“Flair, ladies.” Madame P heel-toed to the center of the room, clucking her tongue in disappointment. “Dance is not just knowing the steps. It’s interpreting them.” She winked at Skye, releasing her from the scold. “So please try to remember. We’re doing Twyla, not Twilight, so stop sucking!”

Lisi also said something about someone being expelled. Sounds like the It Girl already. =)



Monday, April 13, 2009

QU (Quick Update)

Heyyyyy people!!!

This is really quick update. And by quick I mean short....

Anyways last post I told you Bridget was playing Penny in JONAS which has been confirmed by her youtube page and her imdb page.
Here's a sneak peek at her in JONAS.
She also says she's gonna play in a movie but it's NOT the second Clique movie. Oh well. =)



Friday, April 10, 2009

Heyyyy people!

Ohkay anyways, one of my blog readers would like me to point out her website:

And if you have any questions to ask Samantha Boscarino please e-mail them to

And Keli Price, who plays Chris Abeley, has an official website too. So click here for more Clique pictures. BTW His official wesite is

Here's something funny he posted:

"Things got pretty funny once the horse scenes started. One day, I got all my gear on for riding practice and it was soooo cold that day, so I was extra bundled up. My dad was with me and he insisted that I wear 10 layers. LOL. There I was, the Michelin man with a riding helmet. Elizabeth shows up and takes one look at me and starts cracking up. I said, "Do I look that funny?" she just kept laughing. I got the hint.

Elizabeth has a new pic on her imdb page. Check it out here.

And Bridget is right now filming her role as Penny in JONAS. Cool, huh ?



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heyyy people!

I just found out (I know I'm slow), that Ellen Marlow got press in the New York Post!!! Check it out here. She's in a picture too.

Ellen MArlow has also been rumored to be filming a Television film with ABC produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (for full details of his work click here.) Which has been confirmed by Ellen Marlow's official website.

The Clique movie website was closed down but now is opened with cute pictures from the film.

And I also found out that Samantha Boscarino (ALicia) has an official website that I will soon be adding to my clique links. Ahw-some! I found out that Sam played in a professional Baseball Team last year so her role in the Perfect Game is, well, perfect!
Below is a picture of Sam with her miniature pet yorkie, Tootsie!



Alphas always win...

Heyyy people!

Alphas do win. And Skye Hammilton knows that. Which brings me to my point. Lisi yesterday posted the cover of The Alphas. It looks so ah-mazing! Even though she says it's not the finished version it looks pretty as it is now.

And this is what Lisi has to say

" Today I am going to show you the cover for Alphas. I love it almost as much as I love the book. Ignore the “created by Lisi Harrison.” That’s a mistake. It should say By Lisi Harrison. It’s not the final cover yet but it’s super-close. See the half-picture of a girl? Well, when you open the inside flap you will see all of her. That’s Skye Hamilton–or rather, my publisher’s vision of Skye Hamilton. Feel free to have your own.
And this is part of her Alpha Academy application. We will show a different character’s application on the next book in the series and so on.

Isn't the idea genius? Oh here's the picture of Skye. She's holding pointe shoes, see? Dance shoes.

As my title says, Alphas always win. Massie is an alpha. Massie should win too. This is why Elizabeth McLaughlin has been nominated "Favorite Newcomer- Female" for The Clique by Pop Star magazine for their "Poptastic!" Awards. You can vote for her here. It would be sooo awesome if she won! deadline is May 5.

And if I didn't mention before the Clique book website has new downloads so make sure to check it out here.

And check out Massie's Current State of the Union here to see what's in and what's O-U-T.

The Clique also has a facebook if you didn't know. And FYI right now it has 1 499 fans. Yay!



Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Again, really sorry I haven't been posting but my internet has been dead for a loonnnnng time.
It's really hard for me to fit Clique blogging so I'm only going to post on Wednesdays or Tuesdays.

BOOK: Boys R Us. First page and a half :

5:35 P.M.

Claire Lyons trudged across the immaculately manicured lawn of the Block Estate, feeling the same way she felt after a worthy contestant got voted off American Idol: Technically, she hadn’t been the one everyone text-rejected. But she felt the sting just the same.
Cam Fisher flirt-punched her shoulder. “You okay?”
“Huh?” Claire glanced up at her crush. The warmth in Cam’s one blue eye and one green eye shielded her against the late afternoon chill. She buried her hands inside the sleeves of the burgundy Briarwood Tomahawks jersey she wore over grey leggings and flirt-punched him back. “Easy!”
“Ow!” He laughed. A grape bubble gum-scented cloud puffed from his mouth. It smelled like love.
“Worried about Massie?” Cam slipped his arm around her shoulder and left it there for approximately three Mississippi’s before stuffing it back in the pocket of his red hoodie.
Claire nodded, nibbling her Blistex-coated bottom lip to keep from purring. Now was not the time to think about how she and Cam were so close or how he could practically read her mind. And now was definitely not the time to sneak an intoxicating noseful of Drakkar Noir. Now was the time to focus on being there for Massie, since the rest of the Pretty Committee was avoiding her way Lindsay avoided food.
It had been less than forty-eight hours since Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen had boycotted Massie’s Friday night sleepover, but to Claire, it felt longer than lent. She’d spent most of that time fielding four-way texts and calls from her friends, having no idea how to respond. Dylan vented about how she and Derrington could have taken their crush public a week earlier if it weren’t for Massie holding her back. Alicia bragged how much better her cheer squad, the Heart-Nets, was going to be than Massie’s, since Alicia was a superior choreographer. And Kristen kept moaning about bad sushi.
Massie, on the other hand, hadn’t reached out since Claire and Cam had shown up to her sleepover and found her totally alone. Her silence felt eerie, like the calm before the doors opened for a 75 percent off sale at BCBG. Because madness was sure to follow.
“Do you really think Alicia and Dylan’ll stay mad forever?” Cam’s gentle voice brought Claire back.
She wished she could tell Cam that the Pretty Committee would be back together before dinner. But Alicia and Dylan seemed done with Massie’s rigid, Lycra-ing ways. Done with the alpha controlling who they crushed on, what they wore, and what they did with their Friday nights. Actually, Claire understood their frustration better than anybody. Before Massie, she’d been perfectly content with her non-designer wardrobe. Now, she could barely walk past an Old Navy without imagining being shot at by a round of deadly comebacks.
“Dunno,” she replied honestly. She tried not to think about what could happen if her friends stayed mad. Sure, Lycra kept a tight hold on things. It could even feel suffocating. But it also held everything in its place. Without Massie, the Pretty Committee could fall apart. And where would that leave Claire?
“Sucks,” he offered, obviously trying to sound sympathetic and male at the same time.
It was adorable that Cam thought he knew just how dire the situation was. But no matter how many times Claire tried to explain, he couldn’t possibly understand. At this point a reunion for the Pretty Committee seemed less likely than a five-year wedding anniversary for Spencer and Heidi.

Yup, this is BIG news. Now that I have read this I sooooo want to read it. Ugh, I can't believe it's coming out in July. That's like 3 months away!!!

LOOK: Because guess what? Elizabeth McLaughlin died her hair black. To check out a mini interview- video about her new style click here.

POSTS (not including mine):

Awesome Sophie (Dylan in movie), posted about her vaca in Rome with her family and friend. Click here to check it out. And for more pictures be sure to click here, here, and here. And be sure to check out her video here.


This actrually happened February 7 in a Private mansion in Beverly Hills provided exclusively by the sponsor, SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY. This included the Clique cast members (Elizabeth, Sophie, Ellen, Samantha, and Dylan Minette). It looked awesome.

" In celebration of their newly released single, "Rock the Block", Teen Pop Duo THE G-GIRLZ presents "A ROCKIN' VALENTINE" CELEBRITY BASH to benefit Cupcakes for Cancer. The star-studded event will feature music by 102.7 KIIS-FM GIRL PHENOM MIXER, DJ Shy, dancing, hor d'oeuvres, desserts, mock-tail bar (courtesy of Red Bull), and a G-GIRLZ surprise for all guests! All proceeds to benefit "Cupcakes for Cancer", a charity founded by 13-year old chemo survivor, Blakely Colvin ( "
For more info about it click here.
For pics ( from Elizabeth) click here. (from Sophie) click here, here.
-Lisi has updated that the next clique movie will be made when the economic times are better. Of course that doesn't mean one will be made.
-Sam's project , The Perfect Game, in which she plays Gloria, will come out this year. Stars Jake T. Austin (Wizards of Waverly Place, Hotel for Dogs, Go Diego Go) and Moises Arias (Hannah Montana, Nacho Libre).
-Sophie tells us that she might have an upcoming project, which is really cool.
-Bridget's film, Labor Pains, with Lindsey Lohan. She plays Emma. Will be Released May 23.
- Bridget is in post-production filming Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. Playing a character named Becca. Coming out December 25, 2009.
POLL: Yeah I'll put up a new poll as soon as I press "Publish Post". Last poll's result was... *drum roll please*
You could own every clique item signed by Lisi............................... 2%
Star in the Clique Movie........................................................................ 32%
CO-write the Clique books with Lisi.................................................... 4%
Live a life like any of the characters.....................................................60%
Thanks for every single one of you 89 people for voting. I heart that!



PS: I have gotten ALOT of questions on the official Clique models' names. I would like to thank Massie for telling me there name for ALicia model is Samantha Betzag and the name for Dylan is Kara-Lynn Gonchar. And a reminder from my older post that Massie model's name is Tsanira Merrin.