Friday, April 10, 2009

Heyyyy people!

Ohkay anyways, one of my blog readers would like me to point out her website:

And if you have any questions to ask Samantha Boscarino please e-mail them to

And Keli Price, who plays Chris Abeley, has an official website too. So click here for more Clique pictures. BTW His official wesite is

Here's something funny he posted:

"Things got pretty funny once the horse scenes started. One day, I got all my gear on for riding practice and it was soooo cold that day, so I was extra bundled up. My dad was with me and he insisted that I wear 10 layers. LOL. There I was, the Michelin man with a riding helmet. Elizabeth shows up and takes one look at me and starts cracking up. I said, "Do I look that funny?" she just kept laughing. I got the hint.

Elizabeth has a new pic on her imdb page. Check it out here.

And Bridget is right now filming her role as Penny in JONAS. Cool, huh ?



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-k said...

Omg thatnks 4 mentioning my website! u rock! :)