Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DVD release

Hey people!

Some rumors went flying about that the DVD release date was awn November 11. Turns out it's nawt!!! It's been officialized awn the Clique movie website that it's coming out November 18 !!! =) Soooooooooooooooooooo exited ! ! ! Better mark it down awn your calenders!!!



Sunday, September 28, 2008

Picture updates!

Hey people!

Just wanted to let you guys know I updated my flickr site with tons of pics.
You can visit it awn

Thanks for checking it out!
Heart you guys!


Friday, September 26, 2008

PS : I LOATHE YOU " Splash off"

Hey people!

Here are the official news posted by Lisi awn her blog awn the next CLIQUE book : PS I Loathe You.

1. Massie is about to hold auditions for her new cheerleading squad and I can’t keep the girls waiting. Too cool!

2. Alicia just caught Dylan lip-kissing a certain off-limits boy. This is major!

3. In P.S. I Loathe You there is an enormous amount of pigeon poo (you’ll see). And Kristen refers to this falling poo as “fly-a-rhea” and for some reason the minute I typed that I was dying laughing.

4. I’m getting to the end of the book and Massie and Kristen are on the outs in a big way.

5. Massie is about to find out if she lost all her friends or not.

6. I should have P.S. I Loathe You finished this Friday. Yay! Wich was yesterday so if all went well she's done writing PS I Loathe You !!! Yay times a billion!

Ok, that's all I have for today but if she publishes something else I'll have to tell ay-sap.



Ps :Can't wait until February!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clique behind the scenes !!

Hey people!

I found exclusive pictures of some of the scenes of the CLIQUE movie. It was taken from a magazine : Teen. The other three pictures below have been croped up by none other than moi.

To see the whole page pic clearer go awn my flickr site :

Hope you heart times ten!

Lisi BLAH-G update!

Hey people!

Lisi updated her BLAH-G today! Anyways, she talks about PS I LOATHE YOU (at the end).
I can't WAIT! She tells us that she's planning to finish PS I LOATHE YOU on Friday! YAY!
Anyways, I posted the BLAH-G update below =)

It’s Nawt Easy Being Green…
September 24th, 2008

And I’m not talking about the trendy environmental kinda green. I’m talking about the green-eyed monster— jealousy. Jovanna baby, this one’s for you. Like so many of the girls who commented on this site, I too was moved by the terrible news about your brother. I am sorry times a billion but very relieved to know that he is expected to be okay. And since you mentioned everyone in the family is making this all about him (which makes sense) let’s focus on you for a minute because the people close to the one suffering suffer too. Big time. I think its very commendable of you to admit that you’re jealous of his attention. Very honest. And I get it. But until he gets better it’s going to stay this way. So you need to find a way to make peace with your feelings. Here’s what I suggest…

1. Don’t judge yourself for feeling the way that you do. You’re allowed to feel any way you want. It’s your actions that shape you. So act like you’re not jealous. Act supportive and understanding. Here’s how…

2. Put your time and energy into making something for him. Write a poem. A collection of memories you share. Make a list of all the dorky thinks he’s done in the past that have cracked you up and sing it to him with your friends. Create a photo book of him from one of those online stores like Photoworks (I love making these for people). Download some comedy for him. You know what they say about laughter… Read the entire Clique collection to him and refuse to stop until he’s better You will feel connected to him while you’re working on the project and that helpless feeling you probably have will subside. You’ll feel like you’re doing something to help him.

Not only will you make him happy but you’ll be getting the attention you need. And from the most important person of all. Him.Hang in there sister. Lots of love to you and your family. I gotta go…Massie is about to find out if she lost all her friends or not. I should have P.S. I Loathe You finished this Friday. Yay!TTYW,Lisi

I put the PS I LOATHE YOU in pink.



PS: If Massie and Kristen are going to be OUT Kristen must be back IN since Lisi doesn't talk about her. But OMG, I really don't want Massie to lew-se all her friends!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

ABC News: The Clique

Hey people!

Awn my last post Lisi mentioned a site ( ABC ) who talked about the CLIQUE books. I read threw it and I found out they interviewed Lisi! I copied some of it below.

Harrison said all the references to designer clothing and materialism was intended to be completely satirical.

"I am pointing out something in our culture that I think is actually very unhealthy," she said. "To the point of it being funny. I mean, I truly think that the obsession with this stuff is so over the top and so crazy, that, to me, it's funny, and I think the readers get it. I mean, I drop 50 brand names in a couple of chapters and it's the point of insanity."

You can also see the whole article ( 4 pages), awn
Tell me what you think about it by commenting =)

HEART you guys!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lisi Harrison's BLAH-G updates

Hey people!

Lisi updated her BLAH-G yesterday. =)
She tells us more about PS i loathe you and how adults think she's setting a bad example for us. But about that last part who cares what they think? Personnaly, I think that they should give her a break. She's writting a book. Realistic fiction. Fiction.

Anyways she says this:

September 17th, 2008

Sometimes when I’m writing I crack myself up. And not just a giggle. But major laughing-so-hard-no-sound-comes-out hysteria. Later, when I look back on the thing I wrote that cracked me up I realize it wasn’t THAT funny. It was just something about the moment, and maybe how much caffeine I’d had, that hits me a certain way. A few weeks ago the self-crack up happened big time. In P.S. I Loathe You there is an enormous amount of pigeon poo (you’ll see). And Kristen refers to this falling poo as “fly-a-rhea” and for some reason the minute I typed that I was dying laughing. So hard, in fact, that the guy I share an office with thought I was on the phone because no one laughs that hard alone. Cut to this morning. My ah-dorable silver Prius looked like a chocolate truffle because it was so dirty. So I bolted to the car wash. They scrubbed her for twenty minutes and when I got in I seriously felt like I got a new car. It looked incredible. I pulled out of the lot and the minute I began driving I got pegged with a massive amount of fly-a-rhea– on my windshield! I literally can see what that bird ate last night. Then I got to my office and discovered the termites are back. So I am back in the cafe chewing gum like a bovine and trying to resist the brownies. I am an LBR!

Oh, supposedly my Nightline interview will be on tonight (ABC 11:30 pm). Here’s what they wrote about it on their website. Tween Chick-Lit - The characters in Lisi Harrison’s “Clique” book series — a literary rage among tween girls — obsess over designer clothes, staying skinny and, of course, gossip. But in this age of materialism and product placement, is Harrison’s message really appropriate? “Nightline” co-anchor Terry Moran interviews the tween novelist, who argues that her books do more to help than hurt.
Gawd, I am so over (older) people thinking I’m bad for you. Anyway, for the full article go to: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/story?id=5814933&page=1
They always change the air date so if it’s not on don’t blame me.

Shout out to Hockeychick#11 who has been commenting on my blah-g since day one. I heart you!!! Way to have all those boys crushing on you. Remember be nice to them all, even the one you’re not into. He’s putting himself out there and that’s scary and gutsy and ah-dorable. And if you’re mean to him karma will have its way with you and someone will be mean to you back. I know. Look at my fly-a-reah story. The birds got me bad. :)

Gotta go. I’m getting to the end of the book and Massie and Kristen are on the outs in a big way. And its about to get much worse.


I colored the part about PS I loathe you in pink. You can also see the BLAH-G entry here:



More pics!

Hey people!

Here are some more pics(nawt new) that I haven't put awn my blog yet.

You can also check out most of the pictures I've already posted awn


Ellen Marlow(Claire) with Clique movie director

Lisi Harrison with Bean

Julianna (Sugarloot contest winner) with Bridget Mendler (Kristen)

Pool scene with Clique movie director, Ellen Marlow (claire), Bridget Mendler (Kristen), Samantha Boscarino(Alicia), Anna Everhard (Dylan)

Bridget Mendler (Kristen), Elizabeth McLaughlin (Massie), Julianna (Sugarloot contest winner), Ellen Marlow (Claire)

Elizabeth Mclaughlin(Massie), Julianna( Sugarloot contest winner), Ellen Marlow(Claire), Samantha Boscarino(Alicia)

This is a close-up of the picture of Elizabeth McLaughlin (Massie) behind the Massie-quin

This is a second close-up of her

Lisi Harrison with Todd Lyons



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3 movies in total !!!???

Hey people!

Ok, so I always thought they were going to film all the CLIQUE books so I never asked myself the question " how many movies will they be shooting?". But I guess I just found the answer... 3!

I was like , wat?

But I'm afriad to think it's true. I won't believe a word of it. =(

But i'm posting it anyways.

I found awn IMDb, under Elizabeth McLaughlin's (Massie) profile this:

(February 2008) On location in Rhode Island filming the first of three films based on the popular books series "The Clique".

Check it out yourself if you don't believe me awn



New sugarloot contest!

Hey people!

I just found out that Sugarloot is having another contest!!!

You could win a fab trip with 2 of you BFFs to the set of the next CLIQUE movie!!!



Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. There's Bean!!! =) Well if you didn't know (wich you should) this is the DVD for the CLIQUE movie. It comes out November 11, 2008 1 =)

Poll results =)

Hey people!

okay, so first I would want to say that I heart and thank all the people that voted on this first poll =) I'm reminding all of you that every poll lasts 2 weeks.

The results of your favorite PC member was :

Massie ( 55 %)

Alicia ( 27 % )

Dylan ( 5 % )

Kristen ( 11 % )

Congrats to Massie !!! I've also been getting lots of mail from you guys telling me why i haven't put Claire's name awn the poll. Simple answer: I actually wanted to see who you guys liked better before she came in the picture. but that doesn't mean i don't like her!!!



Sunday, September 14, 2008

New pics added!!! =)

Hey people!

I just wanted to post 3 more pictures I found of Samantha boscarino ( Alicia) & Sophie Anna Everhard (Dylan).

I found this pic awn a site where they talk about recycling and they show really cool pics of famous people recycling =)

This is Samantha (Alicia ) and Sophie (Dylan) in backround

And this last picture is Sophie Anna Everhard (dylan Marvil)

People are talking!!!

Hey people!

So, I was trying to find some gossip for the CLIQUE movie and I found Kids Aol talking about the CLIQUE movie!!! =)

I posted it below:

The only thing harder than getting in, is staying in.

Claire Lyons moves to Westchester from Orlando and finds out fitting in is harder than she thought. She ends up at Octavian County Day School where all the kids come from rich families and have designer clothes. Claire is the farthest thing from that and the most popular girl in school, Massie, is out to make Claire's life miserable. What's worse is Claire and her family are staying with Massie's family. Will Massie and her clique destroy Claire?

On DVD November 2008

You can also see it awn




Saturday, September 13, 2008

12, 13 CLIQUE books

Hey people!

I just found rumors going awn about the tittles of the 12, and 13 series of the CLIQUE books. I posted it below : =)

After the summer collection there will be three more books that i have heard about.....
10) P.S. I Loathe You
11) Worse than a Backstab
12) A Starbucks Delight
Then the CLIQUE movie is coming FAll of 2008
and the Box Set of the Summer Collection awith Lipglosses is coming out October 2008.

I would like to thank Courtney for posting this but I'm still nawt sure if it's true. =(

It would be cool if it was true. Tottaly!!! =)



Friday, September 12, 2008

PS. I loathe you Rumors

Hey people!

Ok so I found awn Wiki some very interesting statements.

The 10th book in the Clique series written by Lisi Harrison. P.S. I Loathe You comes out on February 10, 2009.
Lisi Harrison spilled on her website that Alicia catches Dylan lip-kissing "a very off limits boy."
And she also states that Massie dis-owns Kristen.

So that clears up the Dylan and (Josh ?) Alicia kiss. Kristen will get kicked out of the PC!!! Who would have thought a straight A soccer star girl would have??!!! For what reason? That makes Claire (1), Kristen(1), and Alicia(2)!!!



Ps. I loathe you EXTRA

Hey people!

Guess what? i've gawt EXTRA news about Lisi Harrison's 10 book PS I LOATHE YOU !
It's bound to be THE best book ever out of the CLIQUE series by Lisi Harrison. =)
And it's THE longest one out of ALL of them!!! =)

It's... 272 pages!

Wow! There's no doubt, it IS going to be ah-mazing...



PS: I'm still trying to clear up all those rumors in posted awn my last blog 4 u...

PS. I loathe You cover

Hey people!

I found the PS. I loathe you cover awn Barnes and Nobles site. Now remember, it's Lisi's 10 book (yay!). It's gonna be ah-mazin...



Ps: I've heard rumors that Dylan kisses Josh!! And Massie starts her own cheerleading squad!!
I've also heard that the next book comes out Jully 11, 2009. I'll try to clear it all out for you as soon as possible. =)

Elizabeth's Mini Bio

Hey people!

Here's a short Mini Bio that I found awn IMDb. Elizabeth McLaughlin is THE ah-mazin girl that plays Massie Block.

Elizabeth McLaughlin began her acting career with community theatre groups in Tampa, Florida. At eight years old, she joined the apprentice cast of Entertainment Revue, a professional show choir in Tampa, and was promoted to the professional cast two year later. Performances have included singing for Gov. Bush and Schwarzenegger. Elizabeth is an honor student, has won several speech and storytelling competitions, and was a cheerleader at her former high school.

You can also see it awn



The CLIQUE cast

Hey people!

I thoght it would be cool if I put up the cast of THE CLIQUE movie i found awn IMDb. =)

Cast (in alphabetical order)

Dale Appel ... Upscale Shopper

Samantha Boscarino ... Alicia

Chris Conte ... Abeley's Dad

Roger Dillingham Jr. ... Paramedic

Sophie Anna Everhard ... Dylan

Elizabeth Gillies ... Shelby

Stephen Guarino ... Vincent

Elizabeth Keifer ... Judy Lyons

Julie Lauren ... Kendra Block

Vanessa Marano ... Layne

Ellen Marlow ... Claire Lyons

Lisa Masters ... Mrs. Marvil

Elizabeth McLaughlin ... Massie

Todd Mello ... Winning auction bidder

Bridgit Mendler ... Kristen Gregory

Dylan Minnette ... Todd Lyons

Aaron J. Patton ... Parent

Keli Price ... Chris Abeley

Shelby Stanton ... Jenna

Patrick Mel Hays ... Wealthy Parent (uncredited)

You can also see it awn

Hope you heart,


Thursday, September 11, 2008

CLIQUE box set Contest

Hey people!

Okay, so you might of heard about the CLIQUE contest. Well, it IS true that they are having GLOSSIP GIRL in it! Along with a CLIQUE makeup bag!!!

You can enter awn

For a chance to win a FREE CLIQUE box set!!! =)

BUT remember!!! You have to be 13 or older!!!



CLIQUE lucky girlz

Bean, Massie's dog
Hey people!

Well maybe you've heard this summer Join the Clique had contests (what makes you a Massie, Kristen, Dylan,and Claire?). Well... the girls have been chosen!!! =)

go check it awn :


It's cute!



Massie's Current State of the Union

Hey people!

Massie has updated her CSU (Current State of the Union) =)

You guys can check it awn




Lisi Harrison's BLAH-G update

Hey People!

Lisi H updated her BLAH-G !!! She's THE BEST author EVER!!!!
I posted it below : =)

Blah-G x 100!September 10th, 2008

YAY this is my 100th BLAH-G! Thanks to all of you who have been here from the beginning!!! And yes, I know who you are So from now on I am going to honor you by taking broadwaykid1012’s advice and give shout-outs. Since it was her idea, she gets the first one. So Heyyyyyy broadwaykid1012!!! Thanks for the idea.

I’m not the only one celebrating you guys. Jointheclique.com is all about the fans this month. The site is loaded with fan-focused features like:
Meet the honorary clique. Thousands entered but only five were chosen.
Enter to win the most ah-dorable gift set ever.
Check out the Clique Girlz video.
Download chat icons for every day of the week.
Check it out. It’s ah-mazing.

The VMA’s were a blast. I ended up wearing an ah-dorable DVF dress borrowed from my friend Cheryl even though I showed up with five solid (not designer) options. Why is it always more fun to wear someone else’s (designer) clothes?
Here’s my view of Britney.
I have to be honest. I was hoping she’d deliver a little more. Well, actually a lot more. I wanted her to come out and perform like a maniac. Then, while everyone was giving her an standing ovation she’d lift her middle finger and flip off the cameras to show the world she was back and ready to fight. But instead she was very sweet. She thanked Gawd and her sons and hobbled off the stage trying not to trip in her super-high silver pumps. Oh well. I’m still happy for her. Three awards in what had to be the worst year of her life. Imagine what she’d pull on a good year? Okay, I gotta go. Massie just disowned Kristen and she’s a total mess. Oh, and Gabs, I know you think these little teasers are a “marketing ploy” for me to sell books but I assure you they’re not. I like sharing what I’m writing because A) I think it’s cool. I would love to know what my favorite authors are writing at this exact minute. and B) It makes me feel like were all in this together. Because I get lonely in my ex-termite infested office.
It’s too bad we live in a society where people are paranoid that they are constantly being marketed to. But believe me. I’m not that slick.

TTYW,Lisi “Drink Diet Coke” Harrison ;)

You can also check it awn




Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lisi Harrison's biography

Hey people!

For those who don't know about Lisi Harrison (the author of the CLIQUE) I'm giving you the chance! I pasted her bio from her site below:

Any time someone starts a story with, "I was born in...," my eyes glaze over and I try not to yawn in their face. So I’ll do my best to find a more interesting way of letting you know I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Brrrrrrrrrr
There, how was that? :)
I did not go to a private school like OCD and I was not in a rich evil clique of "Massie’s". I went to Hebrew school until ninth grade and then switched to Forest Hill Collegiate, a public high school. A lot of the kids in my grade came from families with tons of money and wore Polo everything (it was really IN back then, okay?). I, on the other hand, was forbidden to wear anything made by anyone other than K-Mart or Hanes. I probably would have been allowed to wear The GAP but it wasn't on every block in Canada yet. My parents were on a mission to keep me as grounded and un-spoiled as they possibly could. And now, as much as I ah-dore fashion, I never buy designer clothes or bags. I tend to go for the more original styles. Granted, sometimes I look like a total goof bag but at least I’m the only goof bag at the party.
When I was eighteen I moved to Montreal to become a film major at McGill University. Canadians like to think of it as the Harvard of Canada, but Americans always laugh and call me an "intellectual wannabe" when I say that. Nice, eh?
Anyway, I left McGill after two years because I knew deep down inside I wanted to be a writer, not a filmmaker and McGill had a lame creative writing program. So I transferred to Emerson College in Boston where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing. YAY!
So there I was with a BFA, ten dollars in my Le Sportsac and no plan. Luckily, my friend Lawrence was working at MTV in New York and felt sorry for me. He offered me a casting job on a game show called Lip Service. All I had to do was move to Manhattan-- the next day.
Uh, okay.
I ended up staying at MTV for 12 great years. I had every brutal job there was and eventually worked my way up to Head Writer and then, Senior Director of Development. That’s when things got really cool. It was my job to create and develop new shows for the network including, "One Bad Trip" and "Room Raiders." And believe it or not, it was MTV, not middle school that inspired me to write The Clique. There were so many employees at MTV who would do and wear anything just to be accepted by the so-called "cool people." It reminded me so much of life in the seventh grade I had to write about it. And the rest is history.
I wrote The Clique and Best Friends for Never while I was still at MTV just in case my life as an author didn’t work out. And in June 2004 I decided to take the plunge, quit my job, and write full time.
In January 2007 I left the harsh winters of New York City and my best friends (sooo sad) behind in search of the perfect beach town. And I found it in Laguna Beach, CA. (No, it had nothing to do with the MTV show even though I have seen every episode.) Now I spend eight hours a day writing in my office and admiring my ocean view. Problem is, I never have time to go to the beach. But I can see it. And that, my friends, is progress.

You can also see it awn


Read up!


PS: if those who might nawt have known, ANOTHER CINDERELLA STORY (starring Selena and Drew) is coming to DVD awn September 19. I'm just mentioning this because the trailer really popped up to me. You can see the trailer on youtube.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lisi's LIVE chat on poppy!

Hey people!

I was looking the pick a poppy site and I found a Lisi Harrison chat. For more information about it go awn


You can also look at it awn that site. =)

I'm really sorry but this is the last post I can post today. =(
I'm realy tired, but thxxx for reading my blog times 10 =)



Elizabeth McLaughlin's short interview

Hey people!

Here's the link to the old Massie interview (the actress aka Elizabeth Mclaughlin) from join the clique.


E-n-j-o-y !


Massie's current state of the union

Hey people!

You've read THE CLIQUE books right? So you've definetly heard about Massie's current state of the union! ( I hope) Anyways, you can go awn


To check it out. =)

Keep awn rocking it!


Write to Lisi =)

Hey people!

Here is the adress to write to the ah-mazing author Lisi Harrison.

Lisi Harrison
c/o Little, Brown Books for young Readers
237 Park AvenueNew York, NY 10017

You can also see the other links to write to her awn




Lisi Harrison's BLAH-G

Hey people!

Lisi Harrison updated her BLAH-G yesterday. I posted it below. =)

September 3rd, 2008

I can nawt believe how quickly the summer flew by. I am pale and have barely used half of my bottle of Chanel White Satin nail polish. Now its all about Lincoln Park After Dark. But back-to-school is always an exciting time. After this week it will feel like you’ve been there for six months. So in an effort to help you appreciate this fleeting, yet special time, I have put together a list of the fifteen things I loved about the first week of school. Feel free to add your own.

I wasn’t sick of the cafeteria food…yet.

The covers on my books weren’t torn….yet.

My notebooks were fresh

My pencil case didn’t smell like dust….yet.

The tops of my pens weren’t chewed flat….yet.

I was all caught up on my homework.

I believed my handwriting might improve with the new year (it never did.)

There was always one new guy to hang my hopes and dreams on.

When things with New Guy didn’t work out I was pleased to find the other boys got a bit cuter over break.

My locker was tidy.

My cuticles weren’t swollen and bloody….yet.

I had a week’s worth of new clothes. Every hall was a catwalk.

All my favorite shows were back on TV (not that I was allowed to watch anything on a school
night, but still. I liked knowing they were there.)

I laughed with my BFFs ten times more than I laughed during our summer apart.

I wasn’t failing math….yet.

BONUS THING: It was a fresh start. Make yours a good one. Have an awesome year!!!!!!!! Time for me to get back to P.S. I Loathe You. Alicia just caught Dylan lip-kissing a certain off-limits boy. This is major! Dylan needs me. Gotta go. TTYW,Lisi

You can also read it awn




Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Layne Abely pictures

Hey people!

Here are Layne Abely's pictures! She is played by Vanessa Marano.

Oatmeal, I was told, was her favorite. =)
Remember the first class in THE CLIQUE book? It was art.
Party in style ( nawt!)

Up Close on the LBRs : Layne Abely

Hey People!

Ehmagawd! I can't believe we get an up close with a LBR ! First time!

You can also see it awn the clique movie website.
I posted it below too. =)



Up Close with Layne Abely

Current Song Playing on iPod: Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Current Book on the Nightstand: Twilight, for the zillionth time.
Celeb Crush: Robert Pattinson
Favorite School Subject: Art
Favorite Afterschool Activity: Listening to music on my bag
Favorite Food: Oatmeal (though I’m developing a fondness for popcorn and mustard)
Favorite Vacation Destination: Backpacking through southeast Asia
Favorite TV Show: Ugly Betty
Favorite Movie: Nacho Libre
Favorite Designer: Christian Siriano or vintage
Favorite Spa Treatment: No thanks – too ticklish
Favorite Nail Color: I like a different color per finger – not enough room to write them all
Must-Have Make-up: Purple Mascara
Must-Have Accessory: Manic Panic hair streaks
Dream Jobby: Astronaut
Most Recent Clothing Purchase: Striped arm warmers
What’s in Your Purse Right Now? Extra batteries for my bag
I Never Leave Home Without… A thermos full of oatmeal
Celeb Alpha Ellen Page

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sam's interview

Hey people!
I've been looking over Lisi's blah-gs and I found a Samantha Boscarino interview ( Alicia Revera). I posted it bellow. =)



hmmmmmm. Spunky!

I’ve been doing commercials since I was nine, I filmed a movie called The Perfect Game which comes out in August, and I took many acting classes, and still do so I can keep improving.

It’s funny because about a week before I got called to audition, my friend Lindsey was like “Oh my gosh Sam you have to read these Clique books! They’re so good!”. So when I got called to audition for The Clique I was super excited and I called Lindsey and I was like “Tell me everything about the books!”. But now I’ve read them all and I’m actually reading them again because I’m addicted. I’d say I relate to Alicia the most, not just because I play her, but because we have a lot of things in common such as we’re both dancers, we both have Schwinn bikes, and we both love gossip and fashion! haha.

I read the books to learn every detail about her from the way she thinks, to the way she talks, and to the way she walks. I watched movies such as Mean Girls to get some inspiration, and I met with my acting coach to get some pointers.

Oh Gosh! There is so many to choose from. One of my favorite scenes was the pool scene. I was a little nervous at first because we only had one take to jump in the pool and it had to be perfect. But we pulled it off and we go to play around in the pool after. It was so much fun! My least favorite scenes would have to be when we are walking outside because it was freeeezing cold, and sometimes we were only wearing skirts with tights. Brrrrrrrrrrr!

Haha if I told you they wouldn’t be inside anymore. Ok ok of course I’ll tell you! One is Ugly Baby, which you will probably see a lot of in special features. We made up over 20 “Ugly Babies”, and I laugh every time I think about it. We all had separate handshakes with each other too. And everyone always tried to figure out what Bridget and I say while we do our handshake, but they still can’t figure it out! Also, one night we were all in Ellen’s room playing Mexican Train and we were trying to make up new “Massie Jokes”, and I came up with this infamous one, “Are you from a bird’s butt? Then why are you acting like such a turd!?”

I’ve been keeping busy by going on auditions, filming a couple commercials, doing some photo shoots, and I’m counting down the days until we go back and film Clique 2.

My life hasn’t really changed. The only thing that’s different is I’ve gained a little more fans and I’ve met new people. But I still feel the same, very blessed.

I WISH! Unfortunately we didn’t get to keep the clothes. The only thing I got to keep were these super cute earrings I wear in the pool scene, and a Briarwood hat.

Thanks for all the cool fan sites you guys have made, they’re awesome!
The movie was so much fun to make, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we loved making it.
DREAM BIG, and remember, as I always do, that the key to success is following God’s guidance.


Hey people!

As you know ( or nawt) Lisi Harrison said she'd be starting a new series called THE ALPHAS. She also said it would be about someone in THE CLIQUE books. I thinnk it's Skye Hammilton. I did a little research and I found out a little more. Lisi said (in one of her older post that it would be Skye. So tell me what you think. =)

HEART you guys