Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Up Close on the LBRs : Layne Abely

Hey People!

Ehmagawd! I can't believe we get an up close with a LBR ! First time!

You can also see it awn the clique movie website.
I posted it below too. =)



Up Close with Layne Abely

Current Song Playing on iPod: Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Current Book on the Nightstand: Twilight, for the zillionth time.
Celeb Crush: Robert Pattinson
Favorite School Subject: Art
Favorite Afterschool Activity: Listening to music on my bag
Favorite Food: Oatmeal (though I’m developing a fondness for popcorn and mustard)
Favorite Vacation Destination: Backpacking through southeast Asia
Favorite TV Show: Ugly Betty
Favorite Movie: Nacho Libre
Favorite Designer: Christian Siriano or vintage
Favorite Spa Treatment: No thanks – too ticklish
Favorite Nail Color: I like a different color per finger – not enough room to write them all
Must-Have Make-up: Purple Mascara
Must-Have Accessory: Manic Panic hair streaks
Dream Jobby: Astronaut
Most Recent Clothing Purchase: Striped arm warmers
What’s in Your Purse Right Now? Extra batteries for my bag
I Never Leave Home Without… A thermos full of oatmeal
Celeb Alpha Ellen Page

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