Friday, September 12, 2008

PS. I loathe You cover

Hey people!

I found the PS. I loathe you cover awn Barnes and Nobles site. Now remember, it's Lisi's 10 book (yay!). It's gonna be ah-mazin...



Ps: I've heard rumors that Dylan kisses Josh!! And Massie starts her own cheerleading squad!!
I've also heard that the next book comes out Jully 11, 2009. I'll try to clear it all out for you as soon as possible. =)


Anonymous said...

you are wrong. it comes out Febuary 7

anne's clique updates said...

Yeah, thanks. I know that now but at the time I didn't know. =)

Anonymous said...

does it come out in canada on that day to? and is there an other book named boys r us?

anne's clique updates said...

I'm not sure if the release date is the same in Canada, so sorry.
And to my knowledge no other book was named Boys R Us except for the one Lisi is writing. She did mention "BOys R US" like casully in Bratfest @ Tiffany's as a banner when the guys invaded.

~ A