Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lisi Harrison's BLAH-G updates

Hey people!

Lisi updated her BLAH-G yesterday. =)
She tells us more about PS i loathe you and how adults think she's setting a bad example for us. But about that last part who cares what they think? Personnaly, I think that they should give her a break. She's writting a book. Realistic fiction. Fiction.

Anyways she says this:

September 17th, 2008

Sometimes when I’m writing I crack myself up. And not just a giggle. But major laughing-so-hard-no-sound-comes-out hysteria. Later, when I look back on the thing I wrote that cracked me up I realize it wasn’t THAT funny. It was just something about the moment, and maybe how much caffeine I’d had, that hits me a certain way. A few weeks ago the self-crack up happened big time. In P.S. I Loathe You there is an enormous amount of pigeon poo (you’ll see). And Kristen refers to this falling poo as “fly-a-rhea” and for some reason the minute I typed that I was dying laughing. So hard, in fact, that the guy I share an office with thought I was on the phone because no one laughs that hard alone. Cut to this morning. My ah-dorable silver Prius looked like a chocolate truffle because it was so dirty. So I bolted to the car wash. They scrubbed her for twenty minutes and when I got in I seriously felt like I got a new car. It looked incredible. I pulled out of the lot and the minute I began driving I got pegged with a massive amount of fly-a-rhea– on my windshield! I literally can see what that bird ate last night. Then I got to my office and discovered the termites are back. So I am back in the cafe chewing gum like a bovine and trying to resist the brownies. I am an LBR!

Oh, supposedly my Nightline interview will be on tonight (ABC 11:30 pm). Here’s what they wrote about it on their website. Tween Chick-Lit - The characters in Lisi Harrison’s “Clique” book series — a literary rage among tween girls — obsess over designer clothes, staying skinny and, of course, gossip. But in this age of materialism and product placement, is Harrison’s message really appropriate? “Nightline” co-anchor Terry Moran interviews the tween novelist, who argues that her books do more to help than hurt.
Gawd, I am so over (older) people thinking I’m bad for you. Anyway, for the full article go to:
They always change the air date so if it’s not on don’t blame me.

Shout out to Hockeychick#11 who has been commenting on my blah-g since day one. I heart you!!! Way to have all those boys crushing on you. Remember be nice to them all, even the one you’re not into. He’s putting himself out there and that’s scary and gutsy and ah-dorable. And if you’re mean to him karma will have its way with you and someone will be mean to you back. I know. Look at my fly-a-reah story. The birds got me bad. :)

Gotta go. I’m getting to the end of the book and Massie and Kristen are on the outs in a big way. And its about to get much worse.


I colored the part about PS I loathe you in pink. You can also see the BLAH-G entry here:



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