Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Layne Abely pictures

Hey people!

Here are Layne Abely's pictures! She is played by Vanessa Marano.

Oatmeal, I was told, was her favorite. =)
Remember the first class in THE CLIQUE book? It was art.
Party in style ( nawt!)


Anonymous said...

Layne's outfit is so out of the place. I mean, look at that. I'm glad it's just a movie. =)


Anonymous said...

she looks kinda goth. i coulda been a better actress 4 that part!!!!

Chloe said...

I like Layne's style. It's really wacky and her own. I dress funky too. Layne is my favorite character.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chloe. All you guys are doing is judging her style, when we should be applauding it! What I think is that you guys are too caught up in the crowd, that you wouldn't have the guts like Layne, to dress a little crazy. I love her unique style!

Anonymous said...

If she was real she would me my bestie!

Anonymous said...

I personally think Layne's style rocks! I actually really like it. I would wear that to even prom at my school I dont care, really. They are really cute clothes. Why dont you people like her fashion sense? I actually like her clothes better than Massie's. Claire, Layne, and Kristen were the only ones with decent clothes. Which seems funny because Kristen is "poor", Layne is an outsider and Claire is just supposedly untstylish.

katiecreative said...

If she was real I would wanna be her BFF too! :) She's awesome, she resembles my own friends, they're wacky style. :) She's one of my faves in the series, I mean I love massie but I love her and claire even more. :) I love the whole character list. :) but she's even awesomer. :)

BeLoved said...

i love massies and laynes clothes although personaly i'd never wear laynes clothes on anyother day but mich-mach day but i know it would look awmazing either way

Anonymous said...

i LOVE laynes style!who wouldnt!and i agree you guys are just judging her and are jealous that you didnt get the part