Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More pics!

Hey people!

Here are some more pics(nawt new) that I haven't put awn my blog yet.

You can also check out most of the pictures I've already posted awn

Ellen Marlow(Claire) with Clique movie director

Lisi Harrison with Bean

Julianna (Sugarloot contest winner) with Bridget Mendler (Kristen)

Pool scene with Clique movie director, Ellen Marlow (claire), Bridget Mendler (Kristen), Samantha Boscarino(Alicia), Anna Everhard (Dylan)

Bridget Mendler (Kristen), Elizabeth McLaughlin (Massie), Julianna (Sugarloot contest winner), Ellen Marlow (Claire)

Elizabeth Mclaughlin(Massie), Julianna( Sugarloot contest winner), Ellen Marlow(Claire), Samantha Boscarino(Alicia)

This is a close-up of the picture of Elizabeth McLaughlin (Massie) behind the Massie-quin

This is a second close-up of her

Lisi Harrison with Todd Lyons




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ttly cool site!!!

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I hate being anonymous but oh well...hi um if there is already a web sight why did you go and make a new one? well ba! And yes i ment to spell it that way.

anne's clique updates said...

um ... i don't really get what you're saying???