Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lisi Harrison's biography

Hey people!

For those who don't know about Lisi Harrison (the author of the CLIQUE) I'm giving you the chance! I pasted her bio from her site below:

Any time someone starts a story with, "I was born in...," my eyes glaze over and I try not to yawn in their face. So I’ll do my best to find a more interesting way of letting you know I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Brrrrrrrrrr
There, how was that? :)
I did not go to a private school like OCD and I was not in a rich evil clique of "Massie’s". I went to Hebrew school until ninth grade and then switched to Forest Hill Collegiate, a public high school. A lot of the kids in my grade came from families with tons of money and wore Polo everything (it was really IN back then, okay?). I, on the other hand, was forbidden to wear anything made by anyone other than K-Mart or Hanes. I probably would have been allowed to wear The GAP but it wasn't on every block in Canada yet. My parents were on a mission to keep me as grounded and un-spoiled as they possibly could. And now, as much as I ah-dore fashion, I never buy designer clothes or bags. I tend to go for the more original styles. Granted, sometimes I look like a total goof bag but at least I’m the only goof bag at the party.
When I was eighteen I moved to Montreal to become a film major at McGill University. Canadians like to think of it as the Harvard of Canada, but Americans always laugh and call me an "intellectual wannabe" when I say that. Nice, eh?
Anyway, I left McGill after two years because I knew deep down inside I wanted to be a writer, not a filmmaker and McGill had a lame creative writing program. So I transferred to Emerson College in Boston where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing. YAY!
So there I was with a BFA, ten dollars in my Le Sportsac and no plan. Luckily, my friend Lawrence was working at MTV in New York and felt sorry for me. He offered me a casting job on a game show called Lip Service. All I had to do was move to Manhattan-- the next day.
Uh, okay.
I ended up staying at MTV for 12 great years. I had every brutal job there was and eventually worked my way up to Head Writer and then, Senior Director of Development. That’s when things got really cool. It was my job to create and develop new shows for the network including, "One Bad Trip" and "Room Raiders." And believe it or not, it was MTV, not middle school that inspired me to write The Clique. There were so many employees at MTV who would do and wear anything just to be accepted by the so-called "cool people." It reminded me so much of life in the seventh grade I had to write about it. And the rest is history.
I wrote The Clique and Best Friends for Never while I was still at MTV just in case my life as an author didn’t work out. And in June 2004 I decided to take the plunge, quit my job, and write full time.
In January 2007 I left the harsh winters of New York City and my best friends (sooo sad) behind in search of the perfect beach town. And I found it in Laguna Beach, CA. (No, it had nothing to do with the MTV show even though I have seen every episode.) Now I spend eight hours a day writing in my office and admiring my ocean view. Problem is, I never have time to go to the beach. But I can see it. And that, my friends, is progress.

You can also see it awn

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PS: if those who might nawt have known, ANOTHER CINDERELLA STORY (starring Selena and Drew) is coming to DVD awn September 19. I'm just mentioning this because the trailer really popped up to me. You can see the trailer on youtube.


Anonymous said...

Ehmagawd i saw the movie its ah-mazing!!!!=)

Anonymous said...

i know its soooo awsome !!!!!

MCO said...

OMG are you kidding me? i thought the movie was so freakin gay i couldn't even stand it! i hate selena and drew is so UGLY!!!

Anne said...

Oh but i do agree that Drew is ugly. haha =)

abercrombiebrunettecutie said...

ok doesn't boys r us come out in july? or june?

Anonymous said...

Umm Drew & Selena weren't in the movie. That's in another Cinderella Story.

I LOVE the movie too! I just wish there was a movie for every book... and that it would be in theaters. I would pay $20 extra dollars per movie to see them all in a theater...

Anonymous said...

the clique series is da best eva. i heart them. the movie was great haha. i wish they would make a movie for every book also. :)

Anonymous said...

i like the movie too :} i wish they would make a movie for all the books too because there so good!

Anonymous said...

OMG i totally luv the clique series,it's like a fantasy world! when i read the books its as if i am one of the characters, and i hvae to deal with their situations!

Catrina said...

Emmaahhgawdd!! i thought the clique movie was good, but i wish massie was a little bit well.. more like Massie!!! she didnt even look like Massie!!

Sophia said...

luv the clique :)

Anonymous said...

I Ah-dore the clique!!! I am on Sealed with a Diss right now. I own the movie, the sound track, and the D.S. game!! its awesome massie and Alicia are my fav's.

Anonymous said...

I love love love the clique series! They are Ah-mazing and totally hawt! :):)