Thursday, August 26, 2010

Voting Results

Heyy People!!

Polls closed down. Results are in.

I can't wait until ...

Monster High ............................................ 7%
A Tale of Two Pretties .............................. 19%
Belle of the Brawl ...................................... 17%
All of them, obviously! ............................... 55%

Ah-bviously! Us clique fans cannawt wait! We're waiting for all of them!
New poll opened. Results for the new poll will be posted end of September.

~ A

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Heyy people!!

   Okay, this has got to be my zillionth post today, but still.

Cliqe ebooks are on sale for $1.99!

Comming up:

Monster High~ September

Belle of the Brawl~October

A Tale of Two Pretties~ February 2011

(This is it for today)

Clique, clique, and click.

Heyy Again!

I just took those Clique quizzes! *Sighhh*
This is what I got:
Alpha Style~ Alicia
Glambition~ Alicia
Clique Crush~ Cam

Tell me what you got! I'd love to here from you.

Here's more news on The Live Action digital Series of the Clique.

"Warner Bros. Will Develop Live Action Digital Series 'The Clique'

15 June 2010 4:48 PM, PDT
The Cultural Post
This morning, Warner Bros., a major American production studio, announced its intention to develop a live action digital series adapted from The Clique, a book series written by Lisi Harrison.
Fans of The Clique should expect to see new characters. Besides, the all new episodes will be written by Justine Bateman (Easy to Assemble) and Emmy Award-winner Jill Kushner (Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show).
As for the story, no details have been revealed. However, let's have in mind that The Clique, as a book series, targets "young adults". The story takes place in a prestigious private school for girls. Among the students, a clique dominates: the Pretty Committee, which is led by Massie Block. The four members of this clique see themselves at the top of the food chain and makes a point in wearing designer clothes. As time goes by, Claire Lyons who just moved to Florida will join » "

Elizabeth McLaughlin (Massie in the Clique movie) will be acting in "First Day".

"Alloy’s First Digital Slate: ‘First Day’, ‘Hollywood’, ‘Talent’

13 July 2010 9:50 AM, PDT
Bank & Reed sounds like a soldered old New York law firm, but in this case it’s the twosome of Josh Bank and Tripp Reed, the two Alloy Entertainment execs overseeing their newly formed digital division and its first official digital slate of three new original web series coming this summer and fall. The three series will release back-to-back, with the first up being, First Day, an original comedy series written by Alyssa Embree and Jessica Koosed Etting and starring Tracey Fairaway (Make It or Break It) and Elizabeth McLaughlin (The Clique) that “follows a seventeen-year-old girl who relives her first day at a new school over and over.” Well, original in that 1993’s Groundhog Day pre-dates most of the actors in this one. First Day is set to launch in late August with an 8-episode first season. Following First Day is the mid-September release of Hollywood is like High School With Money, »
- Marc Hustvedt"*

Ellen Marlow (Claire in the Clique movies), will be acting in more TV episodes, after her appearance on Cold Case, she'll appear on CSI: Criminal Scene Investigation and Criminal Minds.

Bridget Mendler (Kristen in the Clique movie) has now her own Disney show. Good Luck Charlie, that's getting its second season. She's also cast as Olivia in a new Disney musical, Lemonade Mouth. She's playing the lead vocalist.
"Five Rhode Island freshmen high school kids - Olivia(Bridgit Mendler), Mo(Naomi Scott), Charlie(Blake Michael), Stella(Hayley Kiyoko) and Wen(Adam Hicks) - who meet in detention and decide to form a garage band using unusual instruments, including a ukulele. The detention buddies try to organize a student-led fight to save the school's one organic frozen-lemonade machine that becomes the mascot of their band"



Getting Ready For Monster High !

Heyy people!

Most of you are starting school, so is Monster High! Be sure to check out a Monster High website. It's freaktabulous! lol (i'm getting into the lingo too)
   Was anyone informed of this Monster High doll? Cause I wasn't. But anyways, for those who weren't, there is a Monster High doll.
(I found it on Atom books News &; Blog.) Meet Draculaura, daughter of Dracula.
While we're talking bout Draculaura, let's talk bout them other students too. Meet all of them here. You discover who their friends are, what they like to eat, their fav class subject, everything! Even their freaky flaw!
You can also buy super cool Monster High products like
~Monster High Fearbook journal
 Find out more about life at Monster High in the awesome Fearbook Journal ! Check it out here.
  • Use the skull key to unlock the Fearbook features
  • Access specially locked section to write secret messages
  • Secret compartment to hide magic reveal pen, marker, comp book, and stickers
  • Record messages to play back to yourself
Or maybe you're more tempted by a Monster High iCoffin. Check it out here.
  • The ultimate monsterfied hand held device
  • Keep up on all of the Monster High gossip and drama
  • Play games, text, and more
  • Features slide out the keypad to text and play more games
  • Find out about your Favorite Monster High Friends
Can't wait until the book comes out! September 1st here we come! Can't wait to devour those 272 pages. =)


Ps: have you heard the Monster Fright Song?

Samantha Boscarino Interview

Heyy People!

 Last year I did an interview with Samantha Boscarino (who plays alicia in the Clique movie). Some of you probably didn't get to read it. I only gave out several of the interview questions, but found that selfish.
I give Clique information so why not give all of it?

Here it is. I'll also put a link on the right side of my blog so you can read it whenever you want. =)

1. You sung Find My Place for the Clique soundtrack. Do you plan on recording an album in the future?

When I sang Find My Place, I didnt think it would be as successful as it was today. I am working on my music and i hope to have an album, but i dont want anyone to really know yet... because if it doesnt happen, i dont want to disappoint anyone.

2. Did you read PS I Loathe You? If so, do you like the way Alicia acted?

Ive read PS I Loathe You, and its a great novel. Alicia is a very Sassy character, and tends to break Massie's rules. I think she just needed a break from Massie, so she started her own squad.
3. How was it like shooting The Perfect Game?

The Perfect Game was awesome, all the cast members were so nice. It really got me more connected with baseball.
4. Describe Alicia's style in the movie.

Alicia's character in the movie is a very stylish character, and shes sassy.
5. What was it like working with the other girls in The Clique?

They were all so different from their characters. Elizabeth is not like Massie at all, she is the complete opposite a total sweetheart, and she has been a Massie and Claire, havent we all? The same thing with the other cast members.
I also liked working with Lisi Harrison, because i read the Clique books before I auditioned for the movie, and Tyra, because i watch Americas Next Top Model sometimes.
6. Have you ever met the Clique models?

Not all of them. Ive met Alicia's model, and Kristen's model.
7. What do you like doing beside acting?

I love dancing. I take Jazz, Hip Hop, and Ballet. I also love to sing.
8. I just heart Alicia's wardrobe. Did her style influence what you wear now?

I loved the leopard print outfit too! That was my favourite one. Her style got me to dress more classy, definately. Before, I was still a fashion-freak, but now it has gone up. Not only Alicia's wardrobe inspired me though. I loved the bohemian styles that Dylan would wear, and Massie would wear things i like, along with Kristen. I even adored some things on Claire.

9. Do you still keep in touch with the Clique cast?

Yeah, we all keep in touch alot. We all have the iChat thing going on. We have alot of email addresses though. I have 2 fan email addresses, one personal hotmail email address, one personal iChat email address, and one personal AOL email address. We even copied the Friday Night Sleepovers.

10. The role you envy and would love to get cast for.
In the clique or outside of the clique? if its inside the clique, at first i auditioned for Massie, but they said "Oh no, I think you would be good as Alicia" and that was fine, because i loved Alicia too, but it wasnt what i auditioned for. If you mean outside of the clique, I really want to be apart of a disney movie, even a show would be great. I was on disney before, alot of times, I did a High School Musical commercial for it.

Ta-da! I hope you Clique crazy fands are happy!