Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting Ready For Monster High !

Heyy people!

Most of you are starting school, so is Monster High! Be sure to check out a Monster High website. It's freaktabulous! lol (i'm getting into the lingo too)
   Was anyone informed of this Monster High doll? Cause I wasn't. But anyways, for those who weren't, there is a Monster High doll.
(I found it on Atom books News &; Blog.) Meet Draculaura, daughter of Dracula.
While we're talking bout Draculaura, let's talk bout them other students too. Meet all of them here. You discover who their friends are, what they like to eat, their fav class subject, everything! Even their freaky flaw!
You can also buy super cool Monster High products like
~Monster High Fearbook journal
 Find out more about life at Monster High in the awesome Fearbook Journal ! Check it out here.
  • Use the skull key to unlock the Fearbook features
  • Access specially locked section to write secret messages
  • Secret compartment to hide magic reveal pen, marker, comp book, and stickers
  • Record messages to play back to yourself
Or maybe you're more tempted by a Monster High iCoffin. Check it out here.
  • The ultimate monsterfied hand held device
  • Keep up on all of the Monster High gossip and drama
  • Play games, text, and more
  • Features slide out the keypad to text and play more games
  • Find out about your Favorite Monster High Friends
Can't wait until the book comes out! September 1st here we come! Can't wait to devour those 272 pages. =)


Ps: have you heard the Monster Fright Song? http://fr.musicplayon.com/play?v=154566&Monster_High___Fright_Song

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