Wednesday, June 10, 2009



The Clique will be on Lifetime TV TONIGHT at 9 pm eastern and 8 central. Thank you Kim and Elizabeth for sending me the e-mail.

7. What do you like doing beside acting?I love dancing. I take Jazz, Hip Hop, and Ballet. I also love to sing.

8. I just heart Alicia's wardrobe. Did her style influence what you wear now? (btw, I also like the matching leopard print outfit you had on when you shop with Claire, I think)
I loved the leopard print outfit too! That was my favourite one. Her style got me to dress more classy, definately. Before, I was still a fashion-freak, but now it has gone up. Not only Alicia's wardrobe inspired me though. I loved the bohemian styles that Dylan would wear, and Massie would wear things i like, along with Kristen. I even adored some things on Claire.

EHMAGAWD!!!! So sad Lisi couldn't post today =( But I hope she's having a good time with her family.

Alot of you have sent me artwork from polyvore! I ah-dore that~! But you guys have to send me the link to the picture so I can post it here.... So a big sorry to Nicole, Amanda, Clique4evr, and Dm&m! I loved the matches you found for the Clique characters!! You guys are like really awesome with that!



Monday, June 8, 2009

Heyyy people!

LEt's hit off with Sam Boscarino interview questions:

3. How was it like shooting The Perfect Game?
The Perfect Game was awesome, all the cast members were so nice. It really got me more connected with baseball.
4. Describe Alicia's style in the movie.
Alicia's character in the movie is a very stylish character, and shes sassy.

Sam wanted to point out that her only OFFFICIAL TWITTER is is NOT HER. PLEASE STOP POSING PEOPLE.