Monday, June 8, 2009

Heyyy people!

LEt's hit off with Sam Boscarino interview questions:

3. How was it like shooting The Perfect Game?
The Perfect Game was awesome, all the cast members were so nice. It really got me more connected with baseball.
4. Describe Alicia's style in the movie.
Alicia's character in the movie is a very stylish character, and shes sassy.

Sam wanted to point out that her only OFFFICIAL TWITTER is is NOT HER. PLEASE STOP POSING PEOPLE.




AlphaBabe(: said...

Thanks for posting this :)
I've been trying to find Sam's new Twitter for a few weeks now.

Anne said...

You are so todally welcome!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but there both fake. Sam had a twitter which was but she deleted it :( so now she has no twitter.