Wednesday, June 10, 2009



The Clique will be on Lifetime TV TONIGHT at 9 pm eastern and 8 central. Thank you Kim and Elizabeth for sending me the e-mail.

7. What do you like doing beside acting?I love dancing. I take Jazz, Hip Hop, and Ballet. I also love to sing.

8. I just heart Alicia's wardrobe. Did her style influence what you wear now? (btw, I also like the matching leopard print outfit you had on when you shop with Claire, I think)
I loved the leopard print outfit too! That was my favourite one. Her style got me to dress more classy, definately. Before, I was still a fashion-freak, but now it has gone up. Not only Alicia's wardrobe inspired me though. I loved the bohemian styles that Dylan would wear, and Massie would wear things i like, along with Kristen. I even adored some things on Claire.

EHMAGAWD!!!! So sad Lisi couldn't post today =( But I hope she's having a good time with her family.

Alot of you have sent me artwork from polyvore! I ah-dore that~! But you guys have to send me the link to the picture so I can post it here.... So a big sorry to Nicole, Amanda, Clique4evr, and Dm&m! I loved the matches you found for the Clique characters!! You guys are like really awesome with that!




Belinda said...

hi.... yur blog is cool...i love the clique so i made a story like it of my own. please check it out at my blog

Nuttmegh said...

yea i <3 ur Blog!!! lol but just 2 let ya kno the websites 4 Brigit & Samantha dont work anymore :-(

christine said...

do u no when the 2d movie of the clique is gonna come out

Anonymous said...

When r u going 2 update this has been on 4 2 months!!!