Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lisi BLAH-G update!

Hey people!

Lisi updated her BLAH-G today! Anyways, she talks about PS I LOATHE YOU (at the end).
I can't WAIT! She tells us that she's planning to finish PS I LOATHE YOU on Friday! YAY!
Anyways, I posted the BLAH-G update below =)

It’s Nawt Easy Being Green…
September 24th, 2008

And I’m not talking about the trendy environmental kinda green. I’m talking about the green-eyed monster— jealousy. Jovanna baby, this one’s for you. Like so many of the girls who commented on this site, I too was moved by the terrible news about your brother. I am sorry times a billion but very relieved to know that he is expected to be okay. And since you mentioned everyone in the family is making this all about him (which makes sense) let’s focus on you for a minute because the people close to the one suffering suffer too. Big time. I think its very commendable of you to admit that you’re jealous of his attention. Very honest. And I get it. But until he gets better it’s going to stay this way. So you need to find a way to make peace with your feelings. Here’s what I suggest…

1. Don’t judge yourself for feeling the way that you do. You’re allowed to feel any way you want. It’s your actions that shape you. So act like you’re not jealous. Act supportive and understanding. Here’s how…

2. Put your time and energy into making something for him. Write a poem. A collection of memories you share. Make a list of all the dorky thinks he’s done in the past that have cracked you up and sing it to him with your friends. Create a photo book of him from one of those online stores like Photoworks (I love making these for people). Download some comedy for him. You know what they say about laughter… Read the entire Clique collection to him and refuse to stop until he’s better You will feel connected to him while you’re working on the project and that helpless feeling you probably have will subside. You’ll feel like you’re doing something to help him.

Not only will you make him happy but you’ll be getting the attention you need. And from the most important person of all. Him.Hang in there sister. Lots of love to you and your family. I gotta go…Massie is about to find out if she lost all her friends or not. I should have P.S. I Loathe You finished this Friday. Yay!TTYW,Lisi

I put the PS I LOATHE YOU in pink.



PS: If Massie and Kristen are going to be OUT Kristen must be back IN since Lisi doesn't talk about her. But OMG, I really don't want Massie to lew-se all her friends!!

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