Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lisi Harrison's BLAH-G update

Hey People!

Lisi H updated her BLAH-G !!! She's THE BEST author EVER!!!!
I posted it below : =)

Blah-G x 100!September 10th, 2008

YAY this is my 100th BLAH-G! Thanks to all of you who have been here from the beginning!!! And yes, I know who you are So from now on I am going to honor you by taking broadwaykid1012’s advice and give shout-outs. Since it was her idea, she gets the first one. So Heyyyyyy broadwaykid1012!!! Thanks for the idea.

I’m not the only one celebrating you guys. is all about the fans this month. The site is loaded with fan-focused features like:
Meet the honorary clique. Thousands entered but only five were chosen.
Enter to win the most ah-dorable gift set ever.
Check out the Clique Girlz video.
Download chat icons for every day of the week.
Check it out. It’s ah-mazing.

The VMA’s were a blast. I ended up wearing an ah-dorable DVF dress borrowed from my friend Cheryl even though I showed up with five solid (not designer) options. Why is it always more fun to wear someone else’s (designer) clothes?
Here’s my view of Britney.
I have to be honest. I was hoping she’d deliver a little more. Well, actually a lot more. I wanted her to come out and perform like a maniac. Then, while everyone was giving her an standing ovation she’d lift her middle finger and flip off the cameras to show the world she was back and ready to fight. But instead she was very sweet. She thanked Gawd and her sons and hobbled off the stage trying not to trip in her super-high silver pumps. Oh well. I’m still happy for her. Three awards in what had to be the worst year of her life. Imagine what she’d pull on a good year? Okay, I gotta go. Massie just disowned Kristen and she’s a total mess. Oh, and Gabs, I know you think these little teasers are a “marketing ploy” for me to sell books but I assure you they’re not. I like sharing what I’m writing because A) I think it’s cool. I would love to know what my favorite authors are writing at this exact minute. and B) It makes me feel like were all in this together. Because I get lonely in my ex-termite infested office.
It’s too bad we live in a society where people are paranoid that they are constantly being marketed to. But believe me. I’m not that slick.

TTYW,Lisi “Drink Diet Coke” Harrison ;)

You can also check it awn



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