Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heyy people!

Sorry for posting soo late but I couldn't anyways. Last time I posted I said I would post the interview with Samantha Boscarino. I changed my idea: I'll post one question evry time I post. Soo I would much appreciate it that if you post these questions anywhere else you would give me credit.

1. You sung Find My Place for the Clique soundtrack. Do you plan on recording an album in the future? (btw, your voice is ah-mazing times 10)
When I sang Find My Place, I didnt think it would be as successful as it was today. I am working on my music and i hope to have an album, but i dont want anyone to really know yet... because if it doesnt happen, i dont want to disappoint anyone.

Anyways, Thanks again to Sam who's amzing and awesome for answering my questions. =)



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