Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Plastic Surgery??? I don't think so...

Hey people!

Lisi has a new face but no it's not plastic surgery.... it's FACEBOOK!!! Yay! So for all of those other amateur sites they're f-a-k-e. The only one she has is this one:
And it's cute as Bean. =)

Soooo anyways here are the 3 major questions she's been asked about Ps: I loathe You (WARNING!!! May contain Spoilers!!!!)

LISI’S ANSWER: Because reading about people who are happily in love and stay happily in love is no fun. Admit it. What if the back of the book said something like; Claire and Cam are back together and things couldn’t be going better for them. One night, they have an amazing phone conversation where Cam tells Claire he will never break up with her. Claire says she won’t break up with him either. The Pretty Committee names them B.C.E. (best couple ever) and they all eat sours for two days straight and no one gets any cavities. SUH-NOOZER! There’s no drama there. And I wanted Claire and Cam to be happy together for an entire book so I put the focus on some of the other girls. But don’t worry. Claire is a major part of Boys R Us. Pinky Swear.
ISSUE #2: Why aren’t Massie and Derrington together?

LISI’S ANSWER: Beee-cause, he and Dylan are perfect for each other. Can’t you see that??? He was too goofy for Massie. And frankly, her heart wasn’t in it. He was a trendy accessory. He was her hairband. And look around people. No one is wearing hairbands anymore. I promise she’ll find a real boyfriend in Boys R Us. And this one will be right for her. So please, try to be happy for Dylan. If you remember, she did like Derrington first.

LISI’S ANSWER: Hate the game not the player. And the name of this game is drama. You can’t write 15 books without shaking things up a little. Well, maybe you can but I can’t. But hey, if I can break them up I can make them up. Right? And I just might if you’re nice to me. I do, however, promise you this. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. So tighten up your bra straps and hold on. :)

That clears up ah-lot! Thanks Lisi! Air kiss! (no homo) lol

Here's a site that just started out... They pur effort into this. Tell me what you think. Yay or Nay? Click here.

And here's what she had to say about the book coming out after Boys R Us:
"It will come after Boys R Us. It’s called TBAMFS."
Are you a secret spy agent? Then try to crack that one!
It's really tough...

Oh and yesterday I posted a new post and two polls; one's limited the other is the regular.... (10 ppl already voted and this is the second day!!!yay! u guys rock!)
and the poll results for the last one was:

Most thought that Dial L for Loser was going to be a really good movie.

And in the last post i put details for the trivia quesiton of the week...



Anonymous said...

hey love p.s i loath you!!!!!!!!!!! go clique

alphas all the way

Anonymous said...

i dont think so either. who will get plastic surgery

Anonymous said...

trivia question is *todd*

Anne said...


Thanks to everybody for oting this is like the 3 day and theres already 21 votes. U guys rock, truly.
Anyways, no one gawt plastic surgery, just dumb joke. lol.
Ohhh and if u read my blog carefully, it says NO COMMENT ANSWERS (which means no giving the answer on the comment section) WILL BE COUNTED!!!

Anonymous said...

what does TBAMFS mean?? i am still confused.

Anne said...

hum. Well nobody knows, except for Lisi and her laptop. She only gave us this clue and I have no idea what it stands for either... =(
Try to figure it out though!!!

Taylor said...

Hey anne! I heart the Clique!! I am SO going to follow this blog!! What is your favorite book from the series?

Go Clique!

Anne said...

Thanks taylor!!
I enjoyed all the books, really, but I liked Bratfest at Tiffany's and PS I Loathe You best... Before those came out I liked The Pretty Committee Strikes Back.
xoxo to all tht follow my Blog,

Taylor said...

Hey your welcome I'm on It's Not
Easy Being Mean! My favorite is Dial L For Loser. Did you see the movie? Sorry if I'm asking to many questions, im a Clique fanatic!

Taylor said...

Hey Anne! I really want to follow this blog, but how? I can't find the button to follow it. Write back when you can!


Taylor said...

I forgot to say... that who is your fave character in the movie and books? Just Asking!



P.S. sorry i copied the xo thing, i just wanted to do it.

Erin said...

I think that TBAMFS could be
1) These boots are made for stalking
2) These backs are made for stabbing

the pretty committee said...

i want to be a affiliate

Anonymous said...

Incase you guys, Anne too, are wondering what TBAMFS, I know what it means. The title will be:
These Boots Are Made For Stalking! Lisi has it on her blah-g. I think she said that it will come after Boys "R" Us.

Anne said...

Yeah, it was awesome last Tuesday that Lisi posted early because on the East side your waiting until 10 pm usually. I found out and gave a shoutout to the girl on this site that guesssed correctly. I was post 50 or something.
xoxo to all,

JCG said...

is TBAMFS short for these boots are made for stalking?