Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lisi's BLAH-G update!

Hey people!

Sorry I haven't been updating recently but I have been busy ( 9 hours of dance, come awn!) and there hasn't been much to update about. Here is Lisi's update below:

Nightline Online
October 15th, 2008
Remember that Nightline interview I have been yapping about forever??? Well, it finally aired last night. Of course I found out about an hour before it aired so I barely had time to make popcorn let alone send out a smoke signal. Also (and here’s the honest to goodness true part) I wanted to see it before I told you about it. I mean, what if they made me out to be a freak or something? Or what if I had a seed in my tooth or sweat stains or eye-boogers? I had to pre-screen. Forgive me. But come awn who doesn’t delete the bad pics of themselves on their digital camera before handing it over to someone? ADMIT IT! So now that I have seen it, feel free to check it out. It’s on their website… Big shout out to MeLovesMasie. Not only do ILovesYourScreenName but I had to laugh when you asked if I was dead. I mean seriously! I must remind you and all other ah-dorably impatient girls like you that:

I am on the west coast. The sun is still out here. It’s 5:22 pm. I should not be written of as dead until at least midnight.

I have a JOB! I just got my PSILY manuscript back and I am editing.

I am in major need of a manicure but I blew it off so I could get you this blah-g. Now if that’s not love and dedication I don’t know what is.


i saw the video: SO AW-SOME! Look At it awn

Cool, right? Can't wait till PS I Loathe You, right? Can't wait till the movie comes out, right? And waiting is the hardest part, right?


~ Anne

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