Monday, January 12, 2009

The Anne is Back! LOL


Sorry for the long delaybut i have been on a holiday break. Of course I wanted to post but there's nothing really going awn in the clique world... which brings me to my next point!

Lisi is also back with tons of news : she moved offices and plans to paint her walls in really ah-dorable colors, and a big dish in PS I Loathe YOU. Which I cannawt wait for. Lisi tells us that since it will be released so close to V-day PS I Loathe You will include really HAWT CLIQUE stickers (like clique hearts with super cute clique sayings including her favs:
-Beta Breath
-Hawt x 10
-Opposite of Ew
(and the BLAH-G special
-LBR Lover)
How cool?
And clique here to see the full BLAH-G including page 76 of PS I Loathe You coming straight from her MacBook!!!


~ A

PS: I heart you guys!
PPS: Noticed how i put V-day colors ? Ah-dorable huh?


Anonymous said...

i absolutely positively love the clique!! :) But i cannot nawt wait for Boys R Us to came out!

Anonymous said...

I love the clique books..they are ah-mazing! obviously a ton of other girls like em too cuz when i went to my library, i was the 10th on the waiting list for boys r us !!

the only thing is that sometimes i think the books dont send out a good message, just my opinion i still LUHV THEM! :]