Monday, January 19, 2009

Bridget Mendler Wizard?

Heyyy people!

I got some upcoming news on Bridget Mendler (who plays Kristen Gregory). She will be playing Justin's new GF on Wizard's of waverly place! I was looking at Selena Gomez's videos on Youtube and Bridget was singing along with her. You can check the video out yourself here or you could click here to see sreencps of the video.

Yeah, I know it's sorta late (well actually really late) but I just thought you guys should know. =)

But in case you're wondering if that's really her real voice ... it isn't. They were just having fun. But if you guys want to hear her really singing try clicking here. It's from her when she was sorta younger in Alice Upside Down. Imdb says she also sings "Free Spirit".


~ A

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