Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Boys" dish and tell!

Heyy people!

So yesterday Lisi posted a BLAH-G pretty much about "Boys R Us". Here's what she said:

"The Clique breaks up in a big way. Alicia starts a new clique that includes crushes and calls it the Mani-Pretty’s. Massie, not one for being outdone or friendless, finds a Clique of her own made up of actresses from New York City. And you will nawt believe who her new beta is. "

I so can NAWT wait!!! Sounds so drama-tic! But come awn! Who will be the new actresses? And I hope the rest of the PC will still be with Massie. And I really don't want Layne to be the new beta. It should be Claire or someone who won't try to de-throne Mass.

Anyways check Lisi's BLAH-G to see all the 3 possible cool choices for "Boys R Us". I know I showed you guys the yellow one but know she annouced there will be a pink and green one too. So check it out and tell me which one's best. I wished that the pics would have been larger for me to show you guys awn this page.

And Again, Go to the bookstore to purchase PS I Loathe You Feb 10 !!! (Sure you could get it out of the library but wouldn't you want to keep the cute stickers included?? ;)


~ Anne


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting!!

anne's clique updates said...

You're welcome!!!... I know it's been long...


~ A