Monday, December 22, 2008

Poll results!

Hey people!

The results are in and I thank each and everyone that voted. =)

The question was "Whats number one awn your holiday wish list?"

Winner... Im waiting for PS I Loathe You and Boys R Us

the Clique box set .... 9 %
The Clique DVD... 6 %
a Clique book ... 12 %
I'm waiting for PS I Loathe You and Boys R Us ... 59 %
sommething nawt realted to the clique... 9 %
I already have those things... 3 %

Thanks again for voting!!! The poll is momentarily closed for the Holidays. Sorry!


~ A


Anonymous said...

That's a YouTube video with Bridget Mendler in it! Happy Holidays! I love your blog!

anne's clique updates said...

Awww... thanks so much! Happy Holidays to you too!

kaykay1414 said...

I love that you have all the info!!!
i wanted 2 no if your friends with the girls or you are a girl in the movie or what???