Saturday, December 6, 2008

BLAH-G update and more! read here...

Hey people!

Sorry I haven't been posting lately but it was my birthday aannnndddd I happened to be sick. But I'll make it up to you. So anyways, Lisi updated her BLAH-G. It was ah-mazing. It didn't talk about the interesting prequel or any upcoming books but it's still a 'sneak peek into the fabulous life of Lisi Harrison'. Funny. Anyways here's a bit from it but you can see the whole thing here.

"Today’s shout out goes to Kierstyn. Did you see all of those ah-mazing questions and words of wisdom she posted? Funny, inspiring, and goofy–the key to good entertainment if you ask me. In fact, she motivated me to think of some of the guiding principals in my life and share them with you. The following are the top five things I think or do that no one knows about…until now."

We also have an interview with Harriet Greenspan and Susan Putnam, the AH-MAZING team responsible for casting the perfect Clique cast.

Here's what they had to say:

Q: Did you audition a lot of girls for The Clique?
A: So many top talented actresses came in to read for The Clique – everyone wanted to be in this movie! I think we saw between 350 and 400 girls in person, plus people all over the country created audition tapes and mailed them to us. We also got calls from producers and directors asking if they could bring their daughters into read because their girls had read all the books and were such big fans.

Q: Did all of those girls audition for only one part?
A: No - we auditioned some actresses for multiple roles and mixed and matched them until we had our ideal group. In the end, here’s how many actresses we considered for each of the lead roles:
Massie – 142
Claire – 95
Alicia – 65
Dylan – 30
Kristen – 50
Layne – 50

The whole interview was 6 questions and if you'd like to check it all out click here. I only posted two of my fav questions.

Also: Next fall is nawt only the time when The ALPHAS come out but the time where THE CLIQUE nitendo DS game comes out!!! How incredible!?!! I heart that idea. Inside scoop: If you isert your Clique DVD in your computer you get a code for the to-be video game to insert inside the Pretty Committee's cell phone.

Plus: Inserting your DVD in your computer will give you exclusive wallpapers to download. Ahw-some!

If you click here you can find a really cool calender to download of the Clique. It's a little fiffrent from the Bratfest at Tiffany's one: the models are diffrent. But apart from that it's still pretty much the same. BTW, you have to scroll down a little to see it.

And i wanted to mention that we have a new affiliate! It's a really cool site where you can sign up for classes just like OCD! You get updates and inside scoops! There's a reason this site's awn my page... =) (Look under affiliates and click the clique academy).


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