Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Poll results

Hey people!

The results are in! Thanks times 10 to all the people that voted. =)
The question was ' Are you going to buy the Clique DVD?"

And most of you guys voted... Given!

Given ... 82 %
No, I don't like some of the actresses in it ... 3 %
There's a Clique DVD ? ... 3 %
What? I already have it! Pre-ordering is made for something! ... 10 %

Thanks again to all that have voted. reminder: all polls last 2 weeks


~ A

PS: Tyra's site posted a Clique quiz after the cast isited her. Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

"what is the #1 thing on ur holiday wishlist?" (or whtevs)

I put somethng NAWT clique related cuz I all ready have all the clique related things!!

U should change one to like......

Something nawt clique related cuz I have everything and there is nothig else to buy.

Just saying.

anne's clique updates said...

no, that's a good idea. I'm sorry i didn't think of that. I changed the poll but all of the votes so far have been deleted. sorry. the "something nawt realted to the clique" was winning with 50 %


~ A

Anonymous said...

yay!!!! Thanks =))))