Thursday, November 6, 2008

Clique original soundtrack!

Hey people!
Nawt only can you get the Clique DVD (november 18) but you can also get the Clique soundtrack!!!

I posted the post below! =)

Get The Clique Movie Soundtrack on November 11
Including the new single from The Clique Girlz, “Here with me now”

Soundtrack available on Razor & Tie Records / New Line RecordsYou can purchase it here:
Complete Track Listing:

1. Here With Me Now - Clique Girlz

2. Break It Down – Free & Easy Featuring Tina Sugandh

3. Ur Perfect – Juliet Shatkin

4. Find My Place - Samantha Boscarino

5. Go - Rebecca Jones

6. Ayo Ayo – Classic

7. Look But Don't Touch – Juliet Shatkin

8. Get Up And Go - Alana D

9. Commit Me – Alana D

10. So Dangerous – Alana D

11. Get Ur Good Time On - The DeeKompressors

12. That Girl – The DeeKompressors

13. Hypnotique - Free & Easy

14. What U Say – The DeeKompressors

OMG! One of the songs are by Samantha Boscarino!(Alicia Rivera) I bet you can hear it awn Youtube or something(mental note to self: reserch that!).

Too cool!


~ Anne


Anonymous said...

OMG! I totally heart your blog! Thanks so much for posting so many updates!

anne's clique updates said...

You're welcome!!!

Abby said...

EHMAGAWSH!!! I heart this website my amiga's and i are creating the alicia, dylan, massie, & kristen for our school and ab-corse i'm leesh i even have my own Josh Hotz??? This website makes it even easier!!!

SoccerRocker99 said...


SoccerRocker99 said...

I HEART THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Anne said...

Awww... you guys are so sweet!

xoxo24bunny said...

That is cute
Your updates are hot!
OMG girl!

Abi said...

did u hear!?!?!? Some girls are going to make a CLIQUE TWO MOVIE and are gonna sell it on e-bay!!!! I'm sooooo going to see it!!! It's going to be awsomely awsome. By the way GREAT site:)-A

nevynn said...

omj i really want to see the movie but i have to finish this 12 book series!!! 1st book done though cool site

Anonymous said...

Ehmagawd! Your like a total clique gawd! :) I heart the clique soo much! Me and my friends act like the clique so much and we stalk your blog like crazii! Thanks for updating!

MiahMadhouse said...

I gotta say, The Clique is Amazing.
Just Find it kinda annoying that people are speaking like the characters. It makes them sound like such posers. Gotta say, I heart the books and the movie.
Totally Epic.!! <3