Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interview with Bridget Mendler!

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I decided to post a 5 question interview with Bridget Mendler (Kristen Gregory). Also see it here.

Posted on 2008-11-13
You already know that Bridgit Mendler plays Kristen Gregory in THE CLIQUE. But did you know that she auditioned for the part of Claire before she auditioned for Kristen? Do you know which outfit in the movie is her fave? We didn’t…until we got her to spill all about THE CLIQUE. Read on!

Q: What did your friends say when you got this part?

A: Oh my god, everybody I know has read these books and when I told them I got the part they all flipped out. They thought it was really, really cool and really crazy that the books that they’ve read and love were getting turned into a movie.

Q: What’s your favorite outfit in the movie?

A: That’s really hard to pick! All the outfits are just amazing. I really liked the strapless dress I wear at the charity auction. It’s black on top and kind of a pinkish purple that flows to me knees and I get to wear striped pointy stilettos.

Q: Did the movie influence you in any way?

A: The Clique language really rubbed off on us girls. We’d say ah-mazing or ah-dorable just like the girls say even when we were out of character.

Q: Are you excited for the movie to come out?

A: I’m so excited for the movie to come out just because I think that every girl can relate to it. On top of that, a lot of girls have the books so I think this movie of the book coming to life is going to be so much fun.

Q: What part did you audition for?

A: I wanted to audition for Claire because I love being the nice girl. I don’t like it when people think I’m mean in real life because I’m mean on screen. Then they told me to read for Kristen and something about those lines were just easy for me – Kristen’s stressed out about school and I get stressed out easily with school so it just came naturally.

I like the questions they asked so I posted all of them. =) I think that ALL of us are exited for the movie to come out. Dare to disagree? jk.


~ Anne

PS: Only 5 more days 'till the DVD !!! How exiting is that?!?

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