Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Customer review

Hey people!

As you may know the Clique movie came out yesterday. Most people have bought the DVD so I am posting a Customer review so you may have some insughts (if you haven't already bought it). I posted it below. I also posted more pics. Be sure to check every pic out awn my flickr site (right).

To the people who bought "The Clique" from Amazon, read the first review 'cause there are faulty batches! Anyway, back to the movie.
Okay, I started reading the Clique when I was 12 and that was 4 years ago. Now I'm 16 and the Clique girls are still 12 in the very first movie. Remembering back to the very first book and watching this movie is surreal. The movie is almost nothing how I pictured the book in my mind, but they do a very nice, accurate portrayal of the book.
The movie follows the basic plot line, includes many of the characters, ha very interesting fashion, actually has the IMing and State of the Union parts, and quoted many of the funny lines from the book.
Although there were parts of the book that I missed (like the whole tights trend and the Massie insights), the most obvious jump from book to movie were the main characters. Alicia wasn't busty enough, but the whole "rubbing boobs together" part took on a whole new meaning. Massie acted a little too forced sometimes. Kristen wasn't sporty enough. However, this are minute details. I definitely recommend this to all Clique fans because while it may be very different from what we saw in our minds, it still tells the timeless tale of fitting-in and insecurities with the "loveable" characters and their lines that we know!

Great? Nawt so good... Did you expect it this way? Share your opinion awn the movie so comment!



PS: i had trouble with the pics so i will nawt be posting them. =( sry

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