Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interview with Sophie Everhard!

Hey People!

There was an interview posted with Sophie Everhard (Dylan Marvil). She answered 5 really cool questions. Here are two of my fave:

We wanted to know: How did all the cast members getting along?

Sophie spilled: It’s kind of insane, we bonded so fast! We copied the Friday night sleepovers from the book to get into characters. And we TP’d the director’s room one night! I’m sure Dylan [Minette, who plays Claire’s younger brother Todd] and Keli [Price, who plays Chris Abeley] felt a little awkward around so many teenage girls.

We had to know: What’s your favorite outfit in the movie?

Sophie’s reply: I actually got to wear the most expensive piece of clothing in the film! It’s a Marc Jacobs dress and it’s gorgeous! I also love the Vera Wang purple dress I wear in the auction scene with the prettiest shoes ever! I can’t pick which one I like the best.

You can see all 5 questions here.

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