Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Clique Movie meets Elizabeth!

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I've posted so many things awn Elizabeth McLaughlin (Massie Block) that you probably know her by heart. jk. But the Clique movie Official site posted a short interview awn her... click here to see it too.

Meet ElizabethPosted on 2008-11-11
Hey GLUs,

You’ve already gotten
up close with Massie Block. Well, here’s your chance to get to know Elizabeth McLaughlin, the actress who plays Massie in The Clique movie.

We sat down with Elizabeth and asked her five burning questions that we absolutely had to have the answer to. They are:
Q: Did you know about 'The Clique' before the movie?
A: Definitely! The Clique series was actually one of my favorite series, before I even got the audition. When I got the audition for Massie I flipped out. It was surreal to me because I remember reading the books and thinking 'I would love to play Massie in the movie' and then to think I’ve actually done that, it’s mind-blowing.

Q: Is this your first film?
A: It is my first film and I can’t even explain to you how exciting it’s been for me. What a perfect movie to do as your first – you get to wear the best clothes and you get to work with people your own age so you get best friend relationships out of it and then, at the same time, get to play this way cool, really dramatic character. It’s the greatest experience I’ve ever lived through.

Q: What’s great about the Massie character?
A: Massie is so dramatic and she’s so over to the top, which is so much fun to play. And she has the best clothes and the best style. She’s this leader, this alpha that everyone respects and everyone wants to be.

Q: Tell us about the fashion in the movie.
A: Fashion is huge, it’s an influential character by itself. I’m wearing the most fabulous clothing I think I have ever worn in my entire life, it’s amazing! I would get dressed in my trailer and just think 'This is insane!' I would have loved to steal the wardrobe, it’s so amazing.

Q: Do you think Clique fans will like this movie?
A: I think everyone who loves the books will love the movie. I was a fan of the books and honestly, when I first got the script, I was really afraid that they wouldn’t keep true to the books or the characters but they really, really have. All of the actors are trying really hard to be true to the books and be true to the characters.

OMG ! I really like Elizabeth so I'm happy they put up her interview =)


~ Anne

PS; Only 7 more days!!!

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