Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DVD release!

Hey people!
The Clique DVD comes out today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that??? Are YOU going to buy it? I am! SO to celebrate this momment I have loads of updates! Elizabeth McLaughlin has an OFFICIAL site now so check it out! I put it under Clique links so now it's only a "clique" away! It has awsome videos and pics. Learn more about her and what she likes so check it out! She also says that she will post daily video updates so check in!

Poll is closed and will be re-opened in a while. The question was if you could switch your wardrobe you would you switch it with: the winner was "MASSIE" so Congrats to her!

Massie 60 %
Alicia 30 %
Kristen 3%
Dylan 3%
Claire 3%

SO now here are more updates... If you haven't bought the clique movie here are some stuff you might want to know... The Clique movie is usually sold for 19.99 (EX: Circuit City) BUT you can buy it for 14.99 at Target! Given (saw add)
MORE pics were uploaded awn the Clique Movie site. Check here to see them. You get to see some auction part-ay pics, claire and Todd hiding under Massie's bed, AND... the TPC getting back to Claire. plus more.
Here are some pics: (nawt from the same link)

Ellen Marlow(Claire) in a fight with Elizabeth mcLaughlin (Massie), Samantha Bosacarino (Alicia), Bridget Mndler (Kristen), and Sophie Everhard (Dylan)

Massie Block (ELizabeth McLaughlin) and Chris Abeley (Keli Price)

Elizabeth McLaughlin (Massie Block) training for the horseback riding scene.


~ Anne

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