Monday, August 25, 2008

Music still CLIQUE

Hey people!

You guys might already know that there's a music group called the CLIQUE GIRLZ. Well guess what... They'll be singing " Here With Me Now" in Claire's makeover scene. I read it in Wiki.
Isn't that ah-mazing?! =) I mean, the CLIQUE movie really wants to BE 100 percent CLIQUE. Wich is good (we don't want LBR music). To see pictures a THE CLIQUE GIRLZ go awn,DGUS:2006-24,DGUS:en&q=the%20clique%20girlz&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi

Here's also some juicy news on (maybe) Lisi Harrison's new series THE SUNCHINE GIRLS and THE ALPHAS. :

Lisi Harrison (born January 20, 1975 in Toronto, Canada[1]) is a Canadian author of young adult novels. In June 2004 she decided to write full time, and left MTV after creating shows and working on shows.[1]
Harrison wrote The Clique and its sequel Best Friends for Never while she was still working at MTV.[1] These became the basis for The Clique series.
In 2007, Harrison moved from New York City to Laguna Beach,[1] where she is currently working on the new series of Clique, "The Clique Summer Collection." Harrison has also announced work on two new series. One called The Sunshine Girls and another called The Alphas.Lisi Harrison actually does not base her books on teenage life as she knows it. Instead, she takes her adult life experiences and changes it to teenage clique problems



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