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Elizabeth McLaughlin interview

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This is a interview with Elizabeth McLaughlin. The Elizabeth McLaughlin Fansite asked really good questions that Elizabeth answered. You can read it below or awn



1) You have an incredible voice. Are you thinking about starting a music career or an album?

Awh! Thank you so much! Well, Singing is how I started performing [started when I was 5] and It's always been a passion of mine, but for a long time It was put on the back burner because I'm so utterly in love with the art of acting. But recently I've been thinking about it.. and I don't want my passion for music to die. So I've decided to start working with singing coaches again and MAYBE put a demo together. [Although, that's a long time away! ;) ] But I only really wanna do that if I get to make the kind of music I want to Make. So we'll see! :D

2) How did you score the part of Massie that millions of girls around the U.S. wanted?

I scored the part of Massie by embracing her as a person. Being a fan of the books, and having read all of them, I KNEW Massie. I knew who she was, What she's about, what she was thinking, and WHY she does the sometimes horrible things she does. But I also made her into a human 12 year old girl from the fictionized character that Lisi Harrison perfected. I tried to think of the girls who I knew personally who acted like Massie and did things like her. I took mannerisms from them and intensified them. But overall, I worked really hard to translate her correctly so that the fans wouldn't be disappointed. :)

3) Did you audition for any other parts besides Massie?Yep!

Everyone read for Massie and then other characters afterwards. Because I was blonde at the time, I also auditioned for Kristen.

4) What was the audition process like?

The audition process was extensive. I overall went in for the casting director, producers, director and their assistants eight times! They mixed and Matched us girls VERY carefully! I had read with different girls for every part before they chose the amazing cast we have today! :D

5)What was your favorite part about filming the Clique?

Hmm. That's a hard question! :) Because it was my first film EVERYTHING was uber exciting! Everything was new and fresh and I had never done them before, so I LOVED EVERY second of filming and the processes before and after. But if I HAD to choose... I would say the character I got to play! I loved playing Massie because she's so over the top and dramatic. So with the costumes, the hair, the make-up, the sets, and the lines I got to fully BE Massie and be over the top and dramatic. It was so much fun. :)

6) Do you relate at all to Massie Block(Your Character)?

I do. I understand the intoxication of power and being on top. I also relate to being so used to what you have that if ANY one threatens it, you stand up for it and not let ANYONE tear it apart.. There's a little bit of Massie in all of us...

7) What are your future ideas or projects?

Right Now, Between The Clique Movies, I'm auditioning for other roles and Working very extensively in my Acting Class. I'm also writting some scripts. I Know this is going to sound exceedingly lame, but I recently watched an Anime movie Called.. The Girl who Lept through Time. And I fell in love with it and I REALLY want to be in the Live Action Version if they make one... But Overall My goal is to continue working as an Actress and eventually a Cinematographer. :D

8) Tell us, pleaseeee, A LOT about the wardrobe on set! =)

Legally, I'm not allowed to tell you A LOT into details.. But I can say that It is AMAZING! You won't be disappointed! And yes we were dressed in All Major designers. Being a fan of the Books, I felt that our Costume Designer did an AMAZING job at picking clothes to represent each character. The Wardrobe was definitely one of my favorite things about the Movie!

9)What is your advice for girls who want to get into acting?

My biggest advice is to NEVER give up on your dreams! GO FOR IT! No matter how far fetched they seem! Also remember that EVERY actor and actress started with small things. Being Successful in this industry is all about working your way up. Also, If it's something you really want to do.. never stop working for it.. and Acting is all about PRACTICE PRACTICE & PRACTICE!!! Never give up on it.

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