Saturday, August 23, 2008

Close up the pretty committee: Massie Block

Hey People!

Ok, this is my first post so it might not be so ah-mazing to-die-for cool, but it's something. So first I'd like to show Massie( played by the ah-mazing Elizabeth McLaughlin) up first. Because, if you didn't know, the Clique Movie is coming out in November:) You can also see all of this awn the clique movie website.

Up Close With Massie Block

Up Close With Massie Block

Current Song Playing on iPod: Labels or Love - Fergie
Current Book on the Nightstand: All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by Janelle Brown
Celeb Crush: Chace Crawford
Favorite School Subject: Latte Break
Favorite Afterschool Activity: Riding Brownie, blow outs with Jakkob, shopping
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Vacation Destination: Milan, fashion capital of the world
Favorite TV Show: Gossip Girl
Favorite Movie: Marie Antoinette
Favorite Designer: Marc Jacobs
Favorite Spa Treatment: After-shopping Paradise Massage at La Prairie Spa
Favorite Nail Color: For fingers: Chanel’s “Pink Satin” or “Allegoria”
For toes: Chanel’s “Shanghai Red” or “Blue Satin”
Must-Have Make-up: Mascara and lip gloss
Must-Have Accessory: Charm bracelet
Dream Jobby: Stylist at Vogue or personal shopper to the stars
Most Recent Clothing Purchase: Marc Jacobs halter, Joe’s skinny jeans, Dolce Vita cork wedge gladiator sandal, BCBG jersey sundress, Calvin Klein chiffon tank
What’s in Your Purse Right Now? My three plastic bffs: MC, Amex, and Visa
I Never Leave Home Without… Making sure I’m above a 9.5
Celeb Alpha: Sarah Jessica Parker, Scarlett Johanssen, Sienna Miller


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Well I would nawt call it stealing ... OOPS! I like ttly forgot to give them credit!!! I HAVE to change that ay-sap! And im sry times 10!