Monday, August 25, 2008

CLIQUE home made quiz

Hey People!

I deceided to make my own CLIQUE quiz. Hope you'll heart it.



1. It's the first day of school, what designer would you wear?

a) Marc Jacobs! The fashion statement *duh*

b) Ralph Lauren! I only have that anyways.

c) Hawt vintage thats laying around in my closet.

d) A pair of Sevens that I borowed from my BFF and other stuff that are "fashion worthy".

e) a pair of jeans laying around with a t-shirt.

2. You can't wait to get a manicure. What color?

a) Purple. It's the color of royalty! Didn't you know that?

b) Red. Ralph Lauren Red.

c) Any color that matches my outfit.

d) Clear. Nuh-thing else.

e) Any bottle I find first. I clearly don't wear any anyways.

3. What's your motto?

a) Stay on top whatever it takes.

b) Gossip is life.

c) Keep on my diet!

d) Keep on training for soccer prctice.

e) Stay true to yourself.

4. What's your favorite lign?

a) Did I invite you to my BBQ ?

b) I got gossip worth 20 gossip points!

c) I gawt that ah-dorable's guy number!!!!

d) I made that winning goal, don't forget that!

c) Want some gummy worms?

Answer key:

If you gawt more As on the quiz your a Massie.

If you gawt more Bs on the quiz you an Alicia.

If you gawt more Cs on the quiz your a Dylan.

If you gawt more Ds your a Kristen.

If you gawt more Es your a Claire.

1 comment:

fiiana3 said...

I'm a Massie. Ehmawgawd! Well, she IS just like me....