Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ellen Marlow interview with Lisi Harrison

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Lisi Harrison the ah-mazing author that writes The Clique series( we heart her times 10 000, wait, even more than that!) interviewed Ellen Marlow (the lucky girl who plays Claire Lyons) awn August 6 on her BLAH-G that she updates every wednesday.

Here it is:

MEET MOVIE KUH-LAIREAugust 6th, 2008

Welcome to Kuh-laire week. The last book of the summer collection dropped yesterday and we’re going to celebrate with an interview from Movie Claire or Ellen Marlow if you’re feeling literal. If you ask me this girl is it! When I saw The Clique I really believed that she was Claire. It was freaky. And no one rocks Keds like she does. Not even Mischa.

Describe yourself in one word.
Giggly! hehehe

Describe Claire in one word.

Describe how you felt when you were cast to play Claire in, okay, two words.
Totally psyched! :)

What were you doing before the movie?
I moved to California two and half years ago after working on Broadway for a year. So when I got the part of Claire, I was living in Burbank with my mom and brother while going to school, going to tons of auditions and going to acting class every week.

What are you working on now?
Lately, I’ve become more focused on music and have been working with a couple different producers on writing and recording some songs. I come from a singing background and I thought it was important to focus on my roots.

Have you ever been in a real Claire situation? You know where you were the new girl and you didn’t fit in? Can you tell us about it or will you cry?
Aw Lisi, I promise I won’t cry! :) Yes and no. When I moved to California, I was the new girl in school, but luckily I made some awesome friends quickly. I have always had great friends, but I’ve also gone through some rough times with girls that were not very nice to me. :(

What is your favorite scene in The Clique movie?
My favorite scene is toward the end of the movie when Massie and Claire resolve their differences. Elizabeth and I auditioned together with that scene - doing it like a million times - so doing it on set in front of the camera was almost surreal. It was very special between the two of us :)

You were so good you actually made me cry. How do you prepare for a dramatic scene? Did you think about something sad from your own life?
I am so lucky to not have much sadness in my own life. As an actor, I have worked really hard with my acting coach to focus on the circumstances of the character and where the scene fits into the overall film. But in shooting the sad scenes in The Clique, I got a tremendous amount of help from our AMAZING director Michael Lembeck. He helped me stay focused on each scene every day and kept a really quiet, serious mood on the set during and after each take - which I’m sure as you can imagine is really hard to do when your four bff’s are cracking you up all day!

In real life which Clique character are you most like?
I have to say I’m a combination of Claire and Alicia. Claire, because she is silly and loves to have a good time no matter what anyone thinks, and Alicia because she is a leader and not a follower :)

Do you have a sweet tooth like Claire? What’s your favorite snack?
I have a HUGE sweet tooth and could not live without sour gummies (just like Claire!) and Skittles.

Has your life changed since you shot the movie?
My day to day life is pretty much the same, but I now have four amazing new friends! Since doing the film, all the girls have kept in touch and even had the chance to hang out and have some fun. Like the Clique girls, we’re definitely different in our own ways, but we all get along so well! I also came off of the set feeling like I had learned so much. I didn’t know anything about what a film’s crew actually does in making a movie. The guys and girls on the crew were all so nice and helpful that they taught me everything I needed to know.

What was the best day on set?

Definitely the day Claire gets a make-over from Alicia, Dylan and Kristen. We got to ad lib a lot of that scene and had a total blast acting crazy and even working in a fun little dance we made up. We ALWAYS had a great time on set, but that doesn’t mean that Claire was having a good time during her scenes!! That’s why I love that scene so much – Claire finally gets to have fun!:)

Was it hard watching all the other girls get styled out by the wardrobe department while you were stuck in your puffy jacket and Keds? ‘
Yes! Like a lot of people, I love clothes and I love to shop. Plus, the Keds weren’t very comfortable, we shot the film in Rhode Island (which is SUPER cold by the way) and my toes were always freezing!

What do you want to say to the Clique fans?
I encourage everyone to just try to be themselves and find something good in every person they meet. I really hope you guys enjoy the movie!! We all had so much fun making it and I hope you find it just as fun to watch.

HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE HER???? Ah-dorable, right?


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