Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prepared to be blown away!


Remember when I posted Allie J.'s playlist? (A few posts down)

Well now I actually have a song for you guys to hear!

Global Heartwarming! (how ah-dorable does that sound?)

It's really ah-mazing!

Wanna know who's stolen Allie J's identity this time? Lucy Keating! And Allie J couldn't have done better. =)




Anonymous said...

can u please update ur site I <3 it but its been almost a month. Remember the good ole daysz when sh'ed post after every lisi blahg???

From Erin

Anne said...

Eeeeekkk I know. Trust me. I am sooooooooo sorry . times 10. I heart you guys. But i don't have time. Maybe after December???
I owe all of you guys one BIGGGG post

Mgc12 said...


I heart ur site. It's ah-mazing, hawt times 10!!! Ehma-gawd, please update! I heart ur site, but i need more info! Thanks, 'kay?

I heart You!

Massiekur said...

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xoxox ♥Massie Block

Sydney Maxwell said...

you should know...
you're breaking copyright laws by posting that clip up

Hannah said...

Happy New year 8)