Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I spy....

Hey people!
Lisi updated her blah-g with tons of cute pics from the Alphas Launch party. Please be sure to check it out.
(BTW: i added pics to my previous update A.L.P.H.A., annnnd added the alphas link)

These Boots Are Made For stalking is the next Clique book. Wanna see how it looks like? I do too!
What do you think? Cute? Ok? Could do better? Like the cover but not the models? What? I wanna know!
Oh and for those who keep complaining about Lisi not writing back she promised to add something speacial to the letter. She's really nice...
Anne's CLique Updates Contest!!!!
I'm giving away never before seen interview questions of SAMANTHA BOSCARINO (Alicia in the Clique movie)  to a lucky winner! That could be YOU.
All you have to do :
-Send an e-mail to
-the subject HAS to be Anne's Clique Contest
-Fill out this form:
Name: (No need for last name)
Clique information (to see if you're a fan)
Favorite clique character:
Who you're most like in the books:
Which book you enjoyed the most:
Anne's Clique Updates survey (for your opinion WHICH MATTERS)
Do you look at Anne's Clique Updates often? Yes or no
Do you like Anne's Clique Updates? Yes or no
Any suggestions on making the site better?
Alphas questions (hello???? everyone needs an alpha!)
What makes YOU and alpha?
Special talent:
Preference questions:
Would you rather go to OCD or Alpha Academy?
Be Massie or Skye?
Ditch your best friends (like ALicia) or commit identity theft (like Allie):
That's all you need to send me so that you could win!
submit before October 1!
Clique DS game: Diss and Make Up
Information on twitter:
Or facebook:

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