Saturday, September 11, 2010

Heyy People!!

     Have you guys started school yet? A lot of the 'Clique Crew' has.
  • Elizabeth McLaughlin (Massie in Clique movie) stars in new project 'First Day'. She plays the sister of a Cassie who is the character that has to repeat her first day of school over and over again. You can watch the first three episodes of 'First Day' .here.
  • Monster High is out!! (Lisi's new series) Now you can read all about Frankie and Melody's high school drama.
  • Click here on a interview video w/ Lisi.
  • Read Below to find out what Lisi's Top Five Ways to Start the School Year with Confidence–Even If You Don’t Have Any–tips.
"1. Check your posture. Walking the halls looking like a comma says I’m not worthy. Strutting around like an exclamation point says I have arrived!
2. No nail biting. Every time you bite your nails or pick your cuticles it tips people off that you’re nervous. And no one likes a nervous nail nelly except maybe a manicurist. There are so many fun nail accessories this season. Pick one of those instead.
3. What’s your theme song? Haven’t you learned anything from Massie and the Pretty Committee? Every girl must enter the room to the beat of her theme song. Something fierce and fabulous. A personal favorite is Don’cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me by the Pussycat Dolls. Yes it’s a few years old but it never lets me down. Save the mellow dramatic woe-is-me songs for the mirror concerts you perform for the stuffed animals in your room.
4. Follow the One Glance Per Day rule. After you have prepped for school take one last look in the mirror. You look ah-mazing, right? Good. Now don’t look at yourself again. Hold on to that image of you looking amazing all day. And you will project amazing. Sometimes I will catch my reflection and realize I don’t look as ah-dorable as I thought I did and then I get bummed. Then I look bummed. Then I feel bummed. And my mood is ruined. But if I can avoid mirrors I can imagine I look fabulous. Then I feel fabulous. Then I really do look fabulous. Get it?
5. Pay Attention In Class. You are at school to learn, right? We can’t forget that. And there’s nothing like being smart to boost your confidence. Because being popular in school is fleeting. Being smart is forever."

To read the rest of Lisi's Blah-g click here.

Perez Hilton posted about Bridget's (Kristen in the Clique movie) new flick Lemenade Mouth. Check it out here


PS:  ~ Things to mark on our calendars! ~
Tomorrow: VMAs!!
Next month: Alphas # 3: The Belle of the Brawl comes out!! :) Excited, much?

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